Earn Credits with Outdoor Adventures!

Outdoor Adventures offers academic and recreational courses throughout the year. These courses are a great way to develop your wilderness leadership skills and expand your resume. The REC and NRM classes allow you to learn a new sport, travel into Alaska's backcountry and gain the experience and confidence to do these sports on your own or with friends in the future.

Fall 2017


NRM F161      Wilderness Leadership Education
3 Credits

Introduction to outdoor education. Includes both theoretical and practical exposure to quality judgment and decision-making, environmental education techniques and leadership development in the wilderness setting. Provides detailed exposure to the Wilderness Education Association's 18 essential components of wilderness leadership and backcountry safety. The field portion of the course includes detailed instruction in and mentored experience with modern backcountry travel techniques. Successful completion earns certification in the Wilderness Stewardship Program. Field program requires travel through rough un-trailed terrain with heavy packs and average strength and stamina. No use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or firearms.

Recommended: BIOL F104XNRM F101 and physical geography.

RECR F140H      Beginning Rock Climbing
1 Credit

Introduction to rock climbing, knots, risk evaluation, gear, rope skills, belaying, rappelling, jumaring, prusiking and top rope techniques.

RECR F170N      Introduction to Winter Camping
1 Credit

This course introduces students to outdoor adventure, travel and camping in Alaska while teaching fundamental outdoor survival skills. This course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively and safely navigate with a map and compass, snowshoe, cross country ski, and camp in a wide variety of Alaskan conditions.

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