Meet our personal trainers

Nick Fisher

I enjoy training my clients to pursue their health, strength, and athletic goals. I am a senior at UAF studying biology with a concentration in physiology with a minor in psychology. Currently I hold 3 state records in powerlifting and have been involved with sports and training for over 15 years. My specialties include building muscle, strength, explosiveness, and athletic ability for my clients. Hope to see you at the SRC! 

Ashley Bergeron

My name is Ashley Bergeron and I'm majoring in Forensic Chemistry. Before coming to Alaska I was a dancer in Vermont for 14 years and I also took interest in cross-country and track. My styles of dance ranged from jazz, tap, and ballet, to contemporary, hip-hop and break dancing. Each style required a different type of workout, therefore I am aware of how to work each muscle group. I also enjoy working out on my own time which is why I want to be a personal trainer, I believe that it is fun to work out with other people and help them reach their goals while I am working towards my own. I taught dance for two years before coming here and I have experience working with other people and I really enjoy it. I love a challenge, especially in my workouts because each challenge that I overcome gets me one step closer to my goal. I am happy and energetic and I am excited to help people. 

What to expect:

Initial Consultation:  Step 1 purchase a personal training session at the front desk of the SRC. Step 2 schedule your first session!  Make an appointment to sit down with the Wellness Coordinator for an assessment and to be assigned a personal trainer. call 474-6806 or email Chris at

Session Structure: After your consultation you'll meet with your trainer and get to work! Sessions range from 30-60 minutes. Everything is based on your fitness goals, time, duration, number of workouts per week!

Buddy Training:  Not a fan of working out alone, bring a friend with similar fitness goals and we'll train you together!  It's extra motivation and cheaper for both of you.

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