The UAF Graduate School recently switched to Dynamic Forms, an online management system, for all administrative paperwork. Below is a list of common forms required by students. They can all be accessed at the Grad School's "Forms" webpage. Those forms with specific deadlines are noted below.

  • Add/Drop Graduate Form
  • Leave of Absence
  • Language Research Tool
  • Petition Form
  • Reinstatement Form
  • Graduate Study Plan
    • who: graduate students
    • when: end of their second semester
  • Report of Advisory Committee
    • who: graduate students
    • when: end of each year of study
  • Appointment of Graduate Advisory Committee
    • who: graduate students
    • when: before their comprehensive exams
  • Report on Comprehensive Exam
  • Advancement to Candidacy – Master's Degree
    • whograduate students
    • when: at least one semester before graduation
  • Report on Thesis or Dissertation Defense
  • Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form

Once again, all these forms can be found on the Grad School's "Forms" page. For any specific questions, please contact your program director or the Graduate School office.