Partner programs

The Department of Equity and Compliance leads a focused effort to build inclusive systems at UAF by ensuring compliance with civil rights laws; providing advice and direction to administration, faculty, staff, supervisors and students; and institutionalizing processes to eradicate discrimination and build equity.

The department works with many other groups and programs, described below, to reach these goals.

  • Gender inclusive restrooms and housing
    UAF provides options that allow transgender students use the restrooms, locker rooms and housing consistent with their gender identity.

  • Gender inclusion training
    Training is provided to educate students and employees at UAF on ways to foster diversity and inclusion in the education and work environments. To request training, email

  • Gender Inclusive Work Group
    This group reviews and addresses inclusion and safety related issues in athletic programs, facilities, health care and counseling, ensures systems allow for inclusion such as preferred names, travel, training and education as well as policy updates.

  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance
    GSA is a student group that works to promote diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for everyone on the UAF campus. GSA meetings are safe spaces where they gather to plan events, play games, have discussions and meet new people. Absolutely everyone is welcome!

  • Generation Action
    This student organization works on reproductive justice and LGBTQ+ issues. Email

  • Green Dot program
    The UAF Green Dot strategy is a violence prevention program based on empowering bystanders. When people attend our bystander training, they learn to recognize potentially harmful situations and how to safely intervene. A green dot is the single choice to use your words or actions to prevent someone from being harmed.

  • Human Resources Office
    The Human Resources Office oversees fair and equitable recruitment, professional development and retention of employees at UAF.

  • Military and Veterans' Serivces
    UAF is committed to all veterans and military students — active duty, reserve, guard, separated and retired — as well as their dependents who are exploring UAF's academic opportunities. Staff members in multiple departments can help you with any challenges you encounter in the academic environment.

  • Nanook Diversity and Action Center (NDAC)
    NDAC is a student-focused center that provides programs that promote and foster a community of inclusion, social justice, and cultural pluralism that honor and support diverse and intersectional identities and promote a campus free of violence, harassment, and abuse through the use of Green Dot and other prevention strategies.

  • Pregnancy and parenting help
    UAF excuses a student's medically necessary absences because of pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions (i.e., miscarriage, false pregnancy, c-section, etc.) for as long as the student's doctor deems the absences medically necessary. UAF also provides private lactation rooms.
  • Resource and Advocacy Center
    The Resource and Advocacy Center provides confidential advocacy and resource referral to UAF students, staff and faculty survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual harassment. The office is staffed by confidential advocates from the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living.

  • Safe Zone Project
    You may have seen a sticker or sign that indicate that a person is a "Safe Zone" or has been "Safe Zone Trained." These signs mean a person is open to talking about and being supportive of LGBTQ individuals and identities.

  • Student Health and Counseling Center
    The Student Health and Counseling Center provides medical and counseling services to eligible UAF students, including hormone therapy.

  • Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies program
    Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary minor focusing on women, girls, and historical and contemporary experiences related to femaleness.