Letter Explanation
ffailed Senate/Review Committee
+disapproved in part by Committee
#amended by Sen./Review Committee
aapproved by Chancellor's office
paction pending from Chancellor's Office
t action tabled by Senate
waction withdrawn
*modified by Chancellor's Office
!disapproved by Chancellor's Office
-no signature/action required
oapproved; no objection received from Chancellor's Office
rreferred to Committee

Admission Policy

FY89 Motion requesting Chancellor work with State Dept. of Ed. and State School Board to assist rural schools. (-) Meeting #11 Amend math requirements for baccalaureate programs. (-) Meeting #11 FY94 Motion to amend the policy on admission of non-high school graduates to baccalaureate degree programs. (a) Meeting #47 FY96 Presentation on Concurrent Enrollment-The AHEAD Program. (-) Meeting #62 Motion on the admission status of high school students accepted into the AHEAD program and minimum high school GPA. (a) Meeting #62 Motion to amend the minimum high school GPA for admission to the concurrent enrollment (AHEAD) program. (f) Meeting #63 FY01 Motion to replaced the existing Dual Enrollment policy with a new Secondary Student Enrollment policy.(a) Meeting #98 FY02 Motion to add a "pre-major" admission status to the baccalaureate degree.(a) Meeting #109
FY03 Motion on a Mandatory Placement Policy. (a) Meeting #116
Motion to endorse recommendation on Admission Standards for Baccalaureate programs. (a#) Meeting #136
FY07 Motion to revise how pre-major move to major status.(a) Meeting #143
FY08 Motion to revise the Fresh Start policy for returning students. (a) Meeting #148
Motion to amend the Mandatory Placement criteria for English and Mathematics
to take into account a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. (a) Meeting #148
Motion to amend the Mandatory Placement Policy to require a scored writing sample. (a) Meeting #155 FY10 Motion to amend the 2010-11 UAF Catalog to reflect a two-year
placement test expiration and revise catalog statement. (a#) Meeting #165