Letter Explanation
ffailed Senate/Review Committee
+disapproved in part by Committee
#amended by Sen./Review Committee
aapproved by Chancellor's office
paction pending from Chancellor's Office
taction tabled by Senate
waction withdrawn
*modified by Chancellor's Office
!disapproved by Chancellor's Office
-no signature/action required
oapproved; no objection received from Chancellor's Office
rreferred to Committee

Research Associates/Assistants

FY90 Establish Task Force on Lecturers and Research Assistants and Assistants and charge to committee. (-) Meeting #17 Refer motion to amend regarding Senate representation of research associates/assistants. (-) Meeting #17 Refer motion to amend the constitution to provide for temporary faculty and research associate/assistant membership on the Senate. (-) Meeting #18 FY91 Report on findings of Task Force on Lecturers & Research Associates Committee. (-) Meeting #22