Letter Explanation
ffailed Senate/Review Committee
+disapproved in part by Committee
#amended by Sen./Review Committee
aapproved by Chancellor's office
paction pending from Chancellor's Office
taction tabled by Senate
waction withdrawn
*modified by Chancellor's Office
!disapproved by Chancellor's Office
-no signature/action required
oapproved; no objection received from Chancellor's Office
rreferred to Committee

Safety & Security

FY91 Report by J. Trojan on proposal for changes in the security department. (-) Meeting #22 Join with staff and students to establish a task force to review and make recommendations on the public safety issue at UAF. (-) Meeting #22 Refer to the Fact Finding Committee on Overhead Recovery the motion to object to the use of overhead funds to fund changes to security and safety at UAF. (-) Meeting #22 Establish and confirm membership of an Ad Hoc Safety Committee. (-) Meeting #24