Concur Basics & Training

UA Travel Training Outline

  1. Agenda The tools and how to use them
  2. Process map
  3. Section “SAP Concur” (tool #1)
    1. Navigating the homepage
    2. Getting to profile settings, delegate window
    3. Updating profile
    4. Managing delegate permissions
    5. Navigating to Concur Request Module *
    6. Navigating to Concur Approval Module *
    7. Navigating to Concur Travel Module *
    8. Navigating to Concur Expense Module *
  4. Section “UA Travel Card” (tool #2)
    1. New travel Card program
    2. What can it purchase?
    3. Benefits of Card
    4. Card application
  5. Section “CTM” (tool #3)
    1. CTM’s role (what they do)
    2. Contacting CTM
  6. Section “Concur Mobile Apps” (tool #4)
    1. SAP Concur Mobile App
    2. Tripit Mobile App
  7. RESOURCES slide (website, training links, etc.)
  8. Section “Requesting Your Trip”
    1. Before you use Concur at all (PROFILE and DELEGATE instructions)
    2. Before you use Concur for a trip
    3. Look but Don’t Book
    4. Flight search results (how to use booking tool features)
    5. Viewing flights and getting “Business Only Comp”
    6. Travel to Request Integration (last minute trips)
    7. Concur Request Module Tabs
    8. Using the Request Header
    9. Zero cost and 3rd party trips
    10. Using the Segments tab
    11. Using the expenses tab
    12. Allocating Expenses
    13. Approval Flow and Audit Trail
    14. Personal travel
  9. Section “Concur Approvals”
    1. Who Should approve travel?
    2. How to locate requests or reports for approval
    3. How to approve
    4. Approval Notifications
  10. Section “Using Concur Travel Booking Tool”
    1. Ready to book? (from Request)
    2. Find your flight (lowest logical cost, refundable, basic economy blocked out)
    3. Review flight info
    4. Select Seats (mileage membership, premium seats, first and business class)
    5. Finishing booking and finalizing (agent comment field)
    6. Cancelling or modifying a trip
    7. Generating expense report when you get your first card charge
    8. Concur on the go- mobile and card use
    9. Receipt management (getting your receipts into your Concur)
  11. Section “Concur Expense Reports”
    1. Concur Expense module tabs
    2. Generating expense report
    3. Travel allowances and Per diem offset type expenses
    4. Adding expenses from available expense list
    5. Adding expenses from scratch (explaining expense list)
    6. Itemizing lodging and car rentals
    7. Attaching receipts (managing receipts)
    8. Expense report icons
    9. Personal expenses
    10. Negative amount expense reports (payroll deductions)
    11. Submitting report (final checklist)