Finance & Accounting Staff

Jason Theis


Office of Finance & Accounting | 907-474-6223


Accounts Payable

Kathy Jeffords

Manager | 907-474-6476

Direct Pays; Freight; Accounting Changes on POs; Vendors B, C, and Apple Computer; Stop Payments; Vendor Information Entry; and Returned Checks and Incoming  Checks

Brittany Hoch

Accounts Payable Technician | 907-474-6119

Fellowships; Utilities; Vendors N, O, P; and Outgoing Wire Transfers


Accounts Payable Technician

Vendors A & Q - Z

Belinda Norris

Accounts Payable Technician | 907-474-6473

Vendor D - M; Cash Pays; and Construction and Lease Accounts; Non-resident Alien Tax Reporting

Accounts Payable

Group Information

205 Administrative Services Building; 3295 College Rd; PO Box 757920; Fairbanks AK 99775-7920 | Ph:907-474-7031|Fax:907-474-7046


Budget & Cost Records

Sky Cook

Budget Coordinator

Budget, Cost Records & Position Management | 907- 474-6236

Lynn Wrightsman

Budget Analyst

Budget & Cost Records | 907- 474-6969


 Transaction & Cash Management

Penny Bales

Cash Manager

Cash/Transaction Management & Travel | 907-474-6412

I can help with... Miscellaneous cash advances Chargebacks and processing fees for foreign checks Identifying deposits Questions about cashiering, electronic deposits, wire transfers, etc.

Michael Szidloski

Assistant Cash Manager

Cash/Transaction Management & Travel | 907-474-1917

I can help with... Journal Vouchers  General accounting questions  Questions about deposits, wire transfers, rep allowances, etc. ASUAF and Club accounts


Transaction Coordinator

Cash/Transaction Management & Travel

I can help with... 1099-MISC reporting Banner access requests Returned payroll checks/ NSF checks/ Stale-dated checks Coordinating paper check pickup (non-payroll) 

Rachael Hewitt

Data Entry Clerk

Cash/Transaction Management & Travel | 907-474-2634

I can help with... JV Data Entry Notarizing documents (Notary Public)

Jessica Slavik

Travel Processor & Reimbursement Specialist

Cash/Transaction Management & Travel | 907-474-5118

I can help with... Travel reimbursements processed via Concur Concur reporting questions Travel reimbursements processed via paper/TEM Issuing advances for travel expenses Travel auditing and compliance 

Rachel Jeppsen

Transaction Manager/Travel Administrator

Cash/Transaction Management & Travel | 907-474-6170

I can help with... Representational Allowances Travel compliance and Concur issues Cash management questions General accounting questions