Non-Cash Gifts/Awards

A non-cash gift/award is any benefit, prize or award which is given to an employee or non-employee. This includes, but is not limited to, airline vouchers or miles, tickets to UA or community events, art work, clothing, parking passes, UAF logo items, mugs, etc.


Non-cash benefits, prizes or awards with a fair market value exceeding $50 that are given to NON-EMPLOYEES and non-cash benefits, prizes or awards with a value of $600 or more won as a result of the purchase of a raffle ticket by either NON-EMPLOYEES or EMPLOYEES must be reported to the Office of Finance & Accounting quarterly. Current calendar year reporting due dates may be found in the non-cash transactions reporting schedule. To avoid duplicate entries into Banner finance, each quarterly report should include non-cash transactions occurring during that particular quarter and/or transactions that have not been previously reported.


Non-cash benefits, prizes or awards that are given to EMPLOYEES must be reported directly to UAF Human Resources at the time of the award, see for further information.


The required report contains sensitive personal information, the file should be password encrypted and emailed to Lynn Wrightsman. Your email transmission should include your phone number so OFA may contact you to obtain the file password. DO NOT include the file password in your email transmission.

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