Travel & Expense Management (TEM)

TEM is a web-based system for Travel Authorization and Travel Expense Report entry and approvals. TEM helps install appropriate policies, encumber travel funds, authorize expenditures, process reimbursements, and manage approvals. For information regarding TEM, please go to

For approver and delegate access, you are required to attend TEM training.

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Critical Improvements to TEM - Memo from the Chancellors & Vice Chancellors
Response to Critical Improvements to TEM

First Time User Information
TEM Definitions
Change a Travel Authorization
Setting up a Proxy in Workflow
TEM Questions & Answers
Approver Guide
Expense Report Backup Submission Guide

New TEM Account Codes:

2501 -- Airfare
2502 -- Lodging
2503 -- Meals/Per Diem
2504 -- Rental Car
2505 -- Transportation - NOT airfare
2506 -- Local / Mileage
2507 -- Miscellaneous 

TEM Manual

TEM Screenshots, how to...

Change Funding Source for More Than One Expense

Assign Delegate
Create Authorization in TEM
Non-Reimbursable Expenses
Review All Expenses Prior to Submit
Add Comments
Submit AT in TEM

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