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Travel Coordinators usually see a traveler through their trip from start to finish and must have broad knowledge of UAF's resources, policies, and procedures. Please use the tools and references provided below to find ways in which you can ensure the travel process is as smooth as possible. 

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EasyBiz Annual Report Instructions

EasyBiz Annual Report

A-30 EasyBiz Controls


 General Information

Travel Card Information (Procurement site)

UAF Travel Approval Authority - Establishes by position those authorized to approve out-of-state and international travel, delegated by Chancellor Daniel White on 7/11/2017.

UAF Self Travel Authorization - Establishes individuals authorized to approve their own in-state and out-of-state travel (international travel requires supervisor approval), delegated by Chancellor Daniel White on 7/11/2017.

Car Rental Information Sheet - Quick "cheat sheet" with car rental abbreviations and company information. See Car Rental for more detailed guidance.

Mariott Discount Flyer - How to reserve a Mariott room using the UAF discount code.

State of Alaska Tax Exempt Entity memo - is to be used when making paying for lodging on the ProCard in Alaska.

TRIP_FINAL_Memo_Signed - This memo addresses the expanded capability of the Department ProCard effective July 1st 2015.

 Training & References

UAF General Travel Training Powerpoint

Travel Approval Training Powerpoint

UAF General Travel Training Outline

Travel Training Guide

General Encumbrance Guides - Need to encumber or make changes to an existing encumbrance?

Encumbrance Entry
Encumbrance Change

Fly America and Open Skies Agreements

Business Airfare Comparison Travel Tip

Accounting for and Applying Airfare Credits



Traveler Profile Form - Quickly gather pertinent traveler information and keep on file for future use

Travel Tools Workbook - Excel templates for tracking travel, Easy Biz mileage, AKAir credits, and Easy Bix wallet funds

Example of Group Travel - Template to be used for obtaining expense report signatures for group travel

Multiple Page Travel Expense Report - Template to be used for completing a paper TER which requires more than one page of travel information

Car Mileage Reimbursement Form (After January 1, 2017)

Car Mileage Reimbursement Form (After January 1, 2016)

UAF travel uses the State of Alaska's mileage rates for privately owned airplanes, snowmobiles and boats SOA Privately Owned Vehicle Rates

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