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UAF strives to collaborate with the UA System office, UAA and UAS to develop a coordinated strategy for generating broad support for the university.

FY17 UAF Advocacy Fact Sheets

UA submitted its FY17 budget to the state in December 2015 and Governor Walker released his initial budget shortly after. Pending any amendments to the Governor's initial budget, that request will serve as a starting point for the legislative session that runs January 19 through April 17, 2016.

UAF's capital request includes the amount necessary to complete the Engineering Building, now called the Engineering Learning and Innovation Facility. Although the Governor did not include funding in his initial budget for this building, it remains UAF's top capital priority. For more information about this facility and its importance to UAF, the community and the State of Alaska, refer to the fact sheet below.

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FY16 UAF Advocacy Fact Sheets

Operating Budget

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Capital Budget

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