UAF Accreditation Core Themes:

  1. Educate: Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Lifelong Learners
  2. Research: To Create and Disseminate New Knowledge, Insight, Technology, Artistic and Scholarly Works
  3. Prepare: Alaska’s Career, Technical, and Professional Workforce
  4. Connect: Alaska Native, Rural, and Urban Communities by Sharing Knowledge and Ways of Knowing
  5. Engage: Alaskans through Outreach for Continuing Education and Community and Economic Development

UAF Strategic Plan Themes:

  1. Educate students to be informed, responsible, active citizens by incorporating real-world experiences and applications into the undergraduate curriculum.
  2. Promote UAF as Alaska’s premier research enterprise in partnership with state agencies, industry, and civic organizations.
  3. Serve Alaska’s diverse communities in ways that are more responsive and accessible and enhance the social, economic, and environmental well-being of individuals and communities.
  4. Improve assistance to students in making transitions across all phases of the education continuum.
  5. Expand graduate programs in targeted areas of identified need and existing strengths.
  6. Enhance UAF’s competitive advantage by attracting and keeping the best and brightest students and faculty.
  7. Develop innovative approaches to resource management that support the University’s mission and position UAF to meet the challenges of the future.


UA Goals & Measures:

  1. Contribute to Alaska's economic development
    1. Increase STEM graduates
    2. Increase number of invention disclosures
  2. Provide Alaska's skilled workforce
    1. Increase percentage of educators hired
    2. Double number of health program completions
  3. Grow our world class 
    1. Lead the world in Arctic related research
    2. Increase research expenditures
  4. Increase degree attainment
    1. Fiscal Year Student Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
    2. Increase completions
  5. Goal 5: Operate more cost effectively
    1. Decrease total cost of education (indirect and direct) per completer
    2. Increase annual completions per Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

UA Strategic Pathways:

Focus: We will reduce unnecessary redundancy to more cost effectively meet the state's higher education needs by focusing each university on its unique strengths.

Access: We will increase Alaskans’ participation in higher education by maximizing use of innovations in e-Learning, supporting high demand programs, and ensuring affordability.

Scope: We will offer a broad array of academic degree and certificate programs across the university system, though not all programs will necessarily be available at all locations.

Excellence: We commit to excellence in everything we do, in the classroom, in our labs, and in the communities we serve.

Consistency: We will streamline and increase consistency in business practices, policies, processes, and systems that support expedited student progress.

Fiscal Sustainability: We seek to be more entrepreneurial in our strategies to grow and diversify our revenues.

UA Shaping Alaska's Future (Strategic Direction Initiatives - SDI) Themes:

  1. Student Achievement and Attainment
  2. Productive Partnerships with Alaska’s Schools
  3. Productive Partnerships with Alaska’s Public and Private Industries
  4. Research and Development to Help Build and Sustain Alaska’s Economic Growth
  5. Accountability to the People of Alaska