About us

The UAF PIT Crew is committed to supporting UAF Departments and Teams in achieving their goals. With support from their direct supervisors, the Crew provides facilitation and training support as an additional responsibility to their regular duties. 


 What is the UAF PIT Crew?

The PIT Crew is a group of UAF employees who have been trained in process improvement and strategic planning methodology. Members volunteer their time to provide process improvement or strategic planning facilitation support to other UAF departments and teams. 

Who is part of the PIT Crew?

PIT Crew members represent numerous parts of the UAF organization. This breadth of organizational understanding adds an additional dimension of value to the departments and teams requesting PIT Crew support. 

What is the role of the PIT Crew?

The PIT Crew’s role is to facilitate process improvement and strategic planning efforts. This empowers project leads and team members to focus their time and effort on making decisions and doing the work to make meaningful practice and policy change.

What types of projects does the PIT Crew support?

The PIT Crew supports a variety of process improvement and strategic planning projects. This includes efforts to improve administrative and academic processes as well as supporting teams to create plans for new organizational practice and results.  

What types of facilitation support does the PIT Crew provide?

The PIT Crew provides facilitation support for work flow mapping, process improvement, change conversations, goal setting, implementation planning, priority planning and strategic planning.

Who or what is best suited to PIT Crew support?

Anyone can request PIT Crew support! Key factors contributing to a strong partnership with the PIT Crew include leadership support for change, collective buy-in on the need for change and willingness to change practice or policy, and capacity to plan and execute change.

Is PIT Crew support available to UAF programs/teams located throughout Alaska?

Yes! PIT Crew support is available through both in-person and remote sessions making it available to UAF programs and teams located throughout Alaska. Remote facilitation enables project leads to include team members who are physically located in multiple locations, such as Fairbanks-based and rural campuses. 

Will the PIT Crew determine what changes should be made or reduce positions in my department/office?

No! Project teams consist of the individuals who know the organization and processes and understand where and how improvements can and should be made. The power of a project team is found in it’s collective ability to see an entire process from start to finish and to radically redesign it to get improved results. The PIT Crew facilitates this decision-making process; it does not make decisions or do the work on behalf of the project team.

How do I submit a request for PIT Crew facilitation support? 

Please complete this intake form to request PIT Crew facilitation support. 

Can I submit an idea for a process improvement project that involves a different UAF department or team?

If you see opportunities for improvement of processes you do not directly manage, please provide that feedback directly to the process manager. Projects must be led by faculty, staff or administrators who have capacity to champion improvement ideas to reality. 

Can I become a PIT Crew facilitator?

Thanks for your interest in joining the PIT Crew! We are currently at capacity and are not accepting new members. Please complete this form to tell us you’re interested in future involvement. We’ll reach out to you directly when the next application cycle opens.