Meet our PIT Crew

UAF Process Improvement & Training Crew

UAF made efforts in FY12 to institutionalize campus-wide process improvement (PI) efforts by creating the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is the "home" to UAF PI.  However, improvement is best driven by the process owners and those that are experts in the work or understand the business needs. 

OMB has adopted a facilitator model that integrates process workflow mapping with implementation planning.  Twelve staff members have gone through extensive training to become qualified process improvement facilitators and are guiding these project teams, with more efforts on the horizon.

The facilitators utilize the Process Advantage® framework developed by Professional Growth Systems (PGS).  More information on this process improvement methodology:

The PIT Crew Facilitators are:

  • Amber Leytem, Office of Management and Budget
  • Amy Bristor,  Admissions
  • Ashley Munro, Financial Aid
  • Briana Walters, Office of Management and Budget
  • Brianna Pauling, Rural Alaska Honors Institute
  • Gabrielle Russell, College of Rural and Community Development
  • Jennifer Harris, Alaska Center for Energy and Power
  • Jessica Armstrong, eCampus
  • Kelly Gitter, OIT Video Conferencing Services
  • Kris Racina, School of Management
  • Margo Griffith, Department of Equity & Compliance
  • Shelby Carlson, Office of Management and Budget

To reach the PIT Crew, email: