Anticipated Bid Schedule

Bid documents for UAF Design and Construction are available for viewing and downloading free of charge on the AEPlans public website. Bid documents may also be viewed at the office of Design and Construction, 590 University Avenue, Second Floor, Fairbanks, Alaska, and at your local plan rooms.

Printed copies of the bid documents may be ordered through the AEPlans website from any reprographer registered with AEPlans, or you may work directly with a reprographer of your choice.

In order to view and download the bid documents on AEPlans you will need to register for a free User ID on the AEPlans website. You will also need software, such as Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, and Excel to view the bid documents.

AEPlans offers email support and other services to registered users. If you need assistance when viewing bid documents online please contact AEPlans technical support at (888) 320-3032 or email at

Items on the Anticipated Bid Schedule are subject to change at any time. The date listed is an estimated date for advertising. Projects shown on this list may not actually bid. Please contact Design and Construction at (907) 474-5299 for further information on an anticipated project.


Anticipated Advertisement Date Project Name Project No. Mgr Estimated Value Status

NOTE: You will automatically be notified of any new projects that have gone out to bid if you are a registered user on AEPlans.