Training Opportunities for Facilities Services Staff

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  • FS Training Class Requests:
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  • FS Training Class Schedule
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  • FS Training Materials Available:
    List of Books, Casettes, and CD's available for checkout from the Human Resources Office

    Online documents: ( * in revision, be back soon! )
    • Email at Facilities Services
    • What is SPAM?
    • Sharing Files with Colleagues
    • Intoduction to the World Wide Web
    • UA Online
    • Facilities Services Information & Building Plans
    • Facilities Services Web Site
    • Computer Basics
    • Google Calendar
    • Microsoft Office: Introduction
    • Microsoft Word: Basics
    • Microsoft Word: Special Topics
    • Microsoft Excel: Basics
    • Microsoft Excel: Intermediate
    • Microsoft Excel: Special Topics
    • Microsoft PowerPoint: Basics
    • Digital Images, Image Compression, Screen Shots
    • Adobe Acrobat Professional
    • What is a PDF?
    • Coming Soon! Digital Cameras, Photo Storage Guidelines
  • OIT Training Calendar:
  • UA Approved Non-Credit Courses:
  • UA Certified Public Manager:
  • UA Training:
  • UAF Supervisor Training:
  • UAF Tuition Waiver Form:
    UAF Human Resources has a standardized form that covers both the waiver of tuition for credit courses and fees for UA approved non-credit courses. This form is for use at all UA campuses. Available at
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