Trail Conditions/Grooming

Current Conditions

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Trails Trail Type Distance in KM Groomed Tracks Set
Lighted Trails        
Stadium Skate/Double Classic .27    
Potato Field Skate/Single Classic .69    
Learning Area Skate/Double Classic      
T-Field Road Skate/Double Classic 1.29    
Unlighted Trails        
Midnight Express Loop Skate/Single Classic 1.77    
T-Field Skate/Single Classic 1.35    
T-Field Smith Lake Connector Skate/Double Classic .66    
T-Field Smith Lake Connector Classic Only 1.05    
Smith Lake Access Trail Skate/Single Classic      
Smith Lake Skate/ Classic 1.13    
Estle Connector Skate/Single Classic 1.16    
Karl Reishus Trail Skate/Single Classic 1.05    
Skarland Trail (N of Ballaine Lake) Skate/Single Classic 1.93    
Skarland Trail (S of Ballaine Lake) Skate/Single Classic 1.29    
Skarland Estle to LARS Classic Only 1.21    
Viereck Nature Trail Skate/Single Classic .48    
Beaver Slide Trail Classic Only .73    
Baseline Trail Classic Only 1.29    
Turn Around Trail Classic Only .48    
T-Field to Beaver Slide Classic Only .19    
Big Whizzy Loop Skate/Single Classic 2.57    
SRC Trail Commuter trail 1.01    
Walking & Snowshoe         
Tanana Loop to Farmers Loop Walking & Snowshoe .68    
Smith Lake Walking & Snowshoe .68    
Cutler Apt Loop Walking & Snowshoe      
Commuter Trails        
T-Field Road Commuter 1.29    
T-Field to LARS Commuter .71    
Sheep Creek Road  Commuter