Facility Modifications

An EWORF becomes a Facility Modification (Fac Mod) if any one of the following is indicated:

  • change in size/shape/access
  • change in use
  • change in assignment

Indication of the items above are code implications that need to be evaluated by the University Fire Marshal and Facilities Services staff.


» Fac Mod Flow Plan


Fac Mod FAQ's

Click on the following questions to learn more about Facility Modifications.


Where do I get a Facility Modification Request form?

What is considered a Facility Modification?

I submitted a request and haven't heard from anyone?

Who pays for the work requested in the Facility Modification?

I received an estimate and a drawing, now what?

How long will the entire process take, from request to the final nail?

Once I say "Okay", who will do the work?

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