Preparing Outgoing Mail

Separate mail according to the type of mail piece and destination.

Note: Please do not mix pre-stamped, business reply, or intra-campus mail with mail that needs to be metered.

Sort by destination/desired service:

  • United States Mail
  • Foreign Mail
  • Parcel Post (Standard)
  • Priority Mail\xae
  • First Class Mail\xae
  • Media Mail
  • Library Rate
  • Express Mail\xae
  • Certified/Return Receipt
  • Insured
  • Registered
  • COD
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Signature Confirmation

Request for Postage Slip: Attach one Request for Postage slip (PDF) per mailing (completed and signed). Either print and cut the linked slips or contact Mail Services to obtain one.

Parcels: If you are mailing boxes or large packages, please indicate how you want them sent. The weight limit is 70 pounds with a size limit of 108 inches (length and girth added together).

Letters that need to be sealed: Letters that are not over-stuffed (this is generally letters that weigh less than 1oz.) can be sealed by the meter machine. Please put envelope flaps up and rubber band letters together based on destination and desired service (see above). All letters should be facing the same direction and secured by rubber bands. Letters which are over-stuffed (weigh more than 1oz.) and/or large manila envelopes must be sealed by the departments.

Special Services: If you are using a special service, please attach the appropriate forms to the mail piece. To insure an item, for example, affix the barcoded blue insured form to the mail piece. The blue insured "V" number, or the green certified number should be at the top of the item. The green return receipt should go on the back of a letter, but can also go on the front if there is room. The return receipt should not be used as a label for the mail piece. To obtain any of these forms contact Mail Services.

Large Mailings: If you are doing a large mailing (more than 1000 pieces) and you have a portion of it done before your regular mail pickup, please call the Mail Services Center and we will come by and get what you have ready.

Parcel Shipping - ShipTicket