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Vision (introduction)

The Troth Yeddha' Legacy envisions a place singularly focused on Alaska's first peoples. That place will create a physical sense of belonging for Alaska Native students and visitors, while welcoming people of all cultures.

The park and center will help guide UAF in its next century, embracing the cultural and educational vision that Troth Yeddha' has represented throughout its history.

As a statewide academic center with close connections to other UAF institutes, the Troth Yeddha' facilities will be distinct from other establishments that celebrate specific Alaska Native cultures. The Troth Yeddha' initiative builds on UAF's decades-long history of service to rural and Native students through entities such as the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development and the Tribal Management and Native Arts programs.

Troth Yeddha' will infuse Alaska's rich cultural history into our contemporary research institution and create a new legacy for students in generations to come.

The park will honor the past contributions of all Alaska Native peoples and their spiritual ties to the state's animals, plants and physical environment. The academic center will anchor firmly the university's commitment to future studies involving Alaska Native people in areas such as language, arts, science and culture.

Together, they will create a welcoming place for students and visitors alike. Developing the Troth Yeddha' Legacy represents a distinct opportunity to deliver the honor and make the vision a reality.

Committee co-chairs

raven sketchAdm. Tom Barrett - President, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.

raven sketchAaron Schutt - President and CEO, Doyon, Limited

raven sketchMiranda Wright - Former director, Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development, UAF


raven sketchThe Troth Yeddha' park and center will establish a new level of excellence and academic focus on Alaska Native cultures and indigenous studies at UAF.

The facilities will provide critical space for oral history collections, Native art galleries and education conferences, as well as for scholars and researchers.

With connections to research institutes and an exceptional indigenous studies doctoral program at UAF, theTroth Yeddha’ facilities will form an academic center distinct from other establishments that celebrate Alaska Native cultures.

The park and studies will expand upon decades of work in indigenous studies and will create a place singularly focused on Alaska’s first people at UAF.

Design elements of the park and indigenous studies center will welcome visitors and celebrate Alaska Native peoples’ spiritual ties to the animal, plant and physical worlds. The setting, between the UA Museum of the North and the Reichardt Building, will provide an inspiring location for gatherings and performances.

Troth Yeddha’ will infuse Alaska’s rich cultural history into our contemporary research institution and create a legacy for students in generations to come.

Learn more from the case statement.

Indigenous leaders


Our goal is to raise $34-37 million to complete the Troth Yeddha’ Legacy in phases to create the Troth Yeddha Park and the indigenous studies center.

Total committed to date: $1,529,373 from 66 donors

Nauta Level Donors (gifts of $25,000 plus)   

  • Carol and Raymond Barnhardt*
  • Anonymous
  • President Jim Johnsen and Mrs. Johnsen
  • Bettisworth North Architects and Planners
  • Alyeska Pipeline Service Company*
  • Carol and Raymond Barnhardt
  • Thomas and Sheila Barrett
  • The Brooks Family; In Memory of C. Bradford Brooks & Bernice M. Joseph
  • Chugach Alaska Corporation
  • Doyon, Limited
  • Jones & Jones Architect and Landscape Architects Ltd
  • Brian Rogers and Sherry Modrow
  • Grace Berg Schaible
  • Aaron Schutt and Marissa Flannery
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference

    Special thanks to all who have made a donation in support of the Troth Yeddha' Legacy Initiative!

    *Indicates multiple Nauta level gifts. The donors and totals acknowledged within this page reflect donations made as of December 12, 2017.

    Contact and giving information:

    To learn more about the Troth Yeddha’ legacy or to make a gift, contact: UAF Development and Alumni Relations –, 907-474-2619.

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