UAF is...
  • Stimulating

    We are enlivened by our environment  by Alaska. A sense of pride and competence comes with everyday living. Hands-on opportunities and transformational research create a rich and worthwhile experience for many students. Finding our place in the Far North binds, drives, warms and transforms us, providing an endless source of inspiration, curiosity and study.
  • Practical

    At UAF, value matters. A UAF degree is an investment, and we’re proud to deliver high-quality education at an affordable price. Top-notch and accessible faculty and breadth and depth in academic study produce job-ready students. It’s a savvy measure of assurance and, ultimately success, to choose UAF.
  • Embracing

    We are a mentoring, tightknit community. Bonded by common interests (social, culture, geographic, environmental, political, economic), we eagerly draw in those around us for study, work, advocacy and play. Kinship and belonging provide rewards and benefits, on campus and in the greater community.
  • Authentic

    We are unpretentious, approachable and “come as you are.” We think for ourselves, preferring to define our self-image on our own. We’re grounded in reality, living and working together in an open, unaffected way. You can trust us to be frank, sincere and loyal. At UAF quality of life, not quantity, is our priority.

Annual Fund

Why should I give?

Giving is a personal decision, and we each have our own reasons for supporting UAF. Ultimately, your participation is a vote of confidence in the university, our students and their future.

Tuition only covers about 50 percent of what it costs to educate one student. The university relies on the remaining funding from government agencies and private giving.

Why give to the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund plays a vital role in sustaining UAF year in and year out — the Annual Fund represents the combined power of donors giving at all levels. Annual Fund gifts support:

  • Student scholarships
  • Computer/laboratory equipment
  • Special library and departmental acquisitions
  • Facility improvements
  • Special academic initiatives and projects
  • College and school units
  • Student organizations


Entering its fifth year, the UAF phonathon is a bi-annual program that runs for seven weeks each semester. Student callers contact alumni and friends of the university, provide updates, verify contact information and ask for donations. Phonathon is a meaningful, vital program that builds lasting relationships between current students and UAF alumni and friends.

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