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Zion Alioto
B.S./M.S. student
Mechanical engineering

Zion Alioto is a graduate student in the  B.S/M.S. Mechanical Engineering program.  This combined degree is an accelerated program where students earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees concurrently. Zion’s graduate research work is on solar-assisted small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS).

Zion Alioto is a UAF graduate student.


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The UAF Graduate School awards students with degree-completion fellowships and scholarships, and more.

Fall 2021

  • Degree Completion Scholarship
    • Rebecca Cates, M.S. in Fisheries
    • Heather Ezell, MFA in Creative Writing
    • Marlee Haralson, M.S. in Geosciences
    • Matthew Smukall, Ph.D. in Fisheries
    • Theresa Soley, One Health Masters
  • Degree Completion Fellowship
    • Aline Collin, Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    • Amy Dowling,  M.S. in Marine Biology
    • Brittany Jones, Ph.D. in Marine Biology

Fall 2020

  • Degree Completion Scholarship
    • Emily Wentzel Walle, M.Ed. in Special Education
  • Degree Completion Fellowship
    • Thomas Allen, M.A. i n Anthropology
    • Daniel Blair-Madrid, M.A. in Rural Development
    • Anshul Dhaliwal, M.S. in Petroleum Engineering
    • Anais Gentilhomme, M.S. in Oceanography
    • Valentina Melica, Ph.D. in Fisheries

Spring 2021

  • Degree Completion Scholarship
    • Emily Browning, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
    • Kelly Cates, Ph.D. in Fisheries
    • Yoko Kugo, Ph.D. in Ethnogeography: Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Matthew Rogers, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
  • Degree Completion Fellowship
    • Bethan Carter, M.A. in Anthropology
    • Mary McCabe, M.S. in Marine Biology
    • Zena Robert, M.S. in Geoscience
    • Akila Sampath, Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences
    • Nicholas Schmuck, Ph.D. in Anthropology
    • Christopher Smith, M.S. in Geoscience
    • William Swanson, Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry

Summer 2021

  • Degree Completion Fellowship
    • Janelle Badger, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences
    • Amelia Beausoleil, M.S. in Wildlife Biology & Conservation
    • Audra Darcy, M.A. in Anthropology
    • Nicole Emanuel, M.A. in English
    • Moriah Hunstiger, Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Neuroscience
    • Lawrence Itela, Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry
    • Jamie Musbach, M.S. in Fisheries
    • Mary Stough, M.A. in Anthropology

Graduate School Student Advisory Board

The mission of the Graduate School Student Advisory Board is to work with the Graduate School to maintain and improve the quality of graduate education at UAF and to enrich the academic, professional and social experience of graduate students. Composed of graduate students from programs across the university,  the GSSAB brings a student voice to the Graduate School. 

Students, staff, faculty and community members gather at the Great Hall for the International Student Mixer

Grad student groups

Join your peers in exploring your interests. UAF has over 100 active student organizations — many just for grad students. Joining an organization is a great opportunity and fun way to meet new people, share your interests, develop leadership skills and impact student life at UAF.

UA Statewide Office of Public Affairs maintains a comprehensive list of UA-related Facebook pages and groups.

Members of UAF's Indian community celebrate the Diwali Festival in the Wood Center ballroom