Organizational and Planning Information


To serve as a model of quality and innovation in promoting student success at UAF through academic planning, placement and curricular development.


Support UAF’s educational and service missions by providing:

  • An academic home for honors students, pre‐majors, and exploratory students,
  • General academic advising, education planning and referral,
  • Guidance for faculty and staff advisors through training and local publications,
  • Student study skills workshops,
  • Comprehensive testing services for students and where appropriate, the local community, and
  • Advising, tutoring, social activities, and support for underrepresented students eligible for the Student Support Services program.


  1. To provide students with academic advisement, testing and support services that will promote academic success.
  2. To facilitate, encourage and assist students with the selection of a UAF major and corresponding career paths.
  3. To make available to students services designed to promote the development and enhancement of skills needed for academic success.
  4. To coordinate with other academic and student units for specific programmatic student success offerings.
  5. To provide factual information to assist faculty and staff to better understand and serve exploratory students.
  6. To ensure accurate and consistent academic advising university wide by providing professional development activities and opportunities.
  7. To function as the clearinghouse of resource and reference information concerning the academic success of UAF STUDENTS.
  8. To serve and advise UAF students, prospective students and the community about national testing for college admissions and placement, and about career and professional certification.
  9. To recruit, encourage, support and provide educational and social opportunities for exceptionally well prepared students through the maintenance and growth of the Honors College.