Employment Verification

i2Verify Employment Verification Platform

The University of Alaska now uses the company i2Verify to provide most employment verification services. i2Verify is able to provide employment verification immediately, and gives you, the employee:

  • access to all your employment information; 
  • the ability to see who has requested and accessed your employment information (and why), and;
  • allows you to provide input as to who can access your information, and for what reason 

Create an account for immediate access to your information and all other services i2Verify provides. All letters printed from i2Verify are considered official employment verification.

To start this process, simply go to the i2Verify website and register now.

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Public Assistance, Unemployment & Retirement Verification

i2Verify cannot complete verifications for the purpose of retirement benefits, unemployment insurance or public assistance claims. Please fax these requests to (907) 474-5859, or mail or hand deliver it to:

UAF Office of Human Resources
3295 College Road
Suite 108
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Minimum turn-around time:  5-7 business days.

Verifications will be completed in the order they are received, and returned to the Public Assistance Office on your behalf.