Plan of Work

CURRENT: 2020-2024 University of Alaska Combined Research and Extension Plan of Work (required by NIFA)

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Merit/ Peer Review Process
  3. Critical Issues (all on same page):
    • Agriculture & Food Security
    • Natural Resources, Ecosystems & Sustainable Energy
    • Healthy Individuals, Families & Communities
    • 4-H & Youth Development

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Note: For 2020+ NIFA revised its POW process to be a briefer "Institutional Profile"

CURRENT: Extension Program Initiations submitted to NRS 2021

Approved Hatch and Hatch Multistate Projects Active on CRIS 2020+

  1. ALK 99-05 Multistate research coordination, Western region [admin] (Shipka)
  2. ALK 11-04 Hatch research coordination (Shipka)
  3. ALK 17-01 Developing hard red spring wheat adapted to Alaska to enhance local food security and economic development(Zhang)
  4. ALK 17-03 Reindeer and muskox bull management: Semen collection, evaluation and freezing(Shipka)
  5. ALK 17-04 Vegetable varieties for Alaska's Interior communities (Rader)
  6. ALK 19-01 Alaska greenhouse and controlled environment production using LEDs and other emerging technologies (Karlsson) 
  7. ALK 19-02 Revolutionize forest research and management: Fast and accurate data collection using UAV photogrammetry in Interior Alaska boreal forest (Young-Robertson)
  8. ALK 19-03 Research, capacity building, and training for meeting the climate change challenges in wildfire management and Indigenous communities in Alaska (Trainor)
  9. ALK 19-04 Selecting and evaluating wheat, barley, oil seed crops and developing integrated crop management system in Alaska (Zhang)
  10. ALK 19-06 Hatch Regular: Understanding human and community benefits and mechanisms (Fix)
  11. ALK 19-07 Understanding microbiome in order to develop effective disease controls for a chemical pesticide-free peony farming system (McBeath)
  12. ALK 19-09 Control of invasive plants at high latitudes using persistent herbicides (Graziano)
  13. ALK 19-10 Insect Pest Management solutions for Alaskan agriculture (Fielding)
  14. ALK 19-11 Evaluating cover crop performance and cover crop management on soil fertility, soil health soil water use and soil temperature dynamic in the cold climate conditions of Alaska (Zhang)
  15. ALK 21-02 Virtual boundary to aid in reindeer reintroduction on remote ranges  (Finstad)
  16. ALK 21-03 Developing environmentally-responsible rhodiola farms in Alaska through explication of microbiome (McBeath)
  17. ALK 21-05 Resource optimization in controlled environment agriculture (Karlsson)
  18. ALK 21-07 Reproductive performance in domestic ruminants (Shipka)
  19. ALK 21-06 Managing plant microbe interactions in soil to promote sustainable agriculture (McBeath) 
  20. ALK 21-08 Multistate research coordination, Western region (Shipka)
  21. Management and utilization of plant genetic resources and associated information (Barney)
  22. Children's Healthy Living Network (CHLN) in the U.S. affiliated Pacific region (Shallcross)
  23. ALK 21-11 Outdoor recreation, parks and other green environments: Understanding human and community benefits and mechanisms (Fix)

PAST: 2017 (valid through 2019) University of Alaska Combined Research    and Extension Plan of Work

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2015 University of Alaska Combined Research and Extension Plan of Work

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