Theoretical Investigations into the Impact and Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Low-Frequency SAR and InSAR

Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer; 1 PhD student (H Liao)

DESDynl-R - Developing Science Requirements for Emerging Cryospheric Disciplines and Addressing Cross Disciplinary Science Challenges Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer

Atmospheric correction of InSAR data Funded Personnel: 1 PhD student (W Gong)
Robust Model-driven Inversion of InSAR Time Series Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer, 1 PhD student
Combining InSAR and Atmospheric Modeling to Improve Thermal Remote Sensing Data Calibration Pending
Characterization of CH4 emissions from high latitude lakes in North America using multi-scale remote sensing Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer; 1 staff (M Engram)

Mapping of Landfast Ice in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer
High-Resolution SAR And Multispectral Data Fusion for Automated Stationary And Dynamic Scene Interpretation Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer
 Quantifying Fuel Impacts on Wildfire Behavior and Emissions by Coupling Small Unmanned Aircraft In-situ Measurements with Satellite Observations  Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer; 1 PhD student (O Ajadi)
SAR-VIEWS: SAR Volcano Integrated Early Warning System Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer; 1 PhD student ( DB McAlpin)
Stereo-Derived Topography for the Last Frontier and the Final Frontier Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer; 1 PhD student; 1 PostDoc
InSAR-based Transportation Infrastructure Monitoring Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer; 1 PhD student (unassigned)
Alaska AiRborne Interferometric SAR Experiment (AK-ARISE) Funded Personnel: FJ Meyer

  Selected Publications

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