Fall 2018 student course evaluations will close December 8, 2018.

How To Access Blue

Instructors will each receive emails from UAF-course-eval@alaska.edu which contain a link to use to sign in to Blue (using their UA credentials) to access their Question Personalization (QP) and course evaluation tasks.  Once the tasks are active they can also be accessed by logging into Blackboard.  A third way for instructors to access their active tasks is by signing in to Blue directly via https://uaf.bluera.com/uaf/.

Instructors will be able to edit their QP's at least 4 weeks before final day of instruction. Student course evaluation form fill out links will be opened 2 weeks before regular semester finals week begins. Form fill out links will close the final day of instruction.

*Timelines will vary for courses not ending in the regular semester (i.e. courses ending on various monthly dates).*

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BLUE® be similar to IAS®?

It will be sharper, shorter, faster! Only 17 to 25 questions, depending on how many personalized questions you wish to add, and more on point!

Will response rates change?

The short answer is: no, if you help us! Your support in endorsing BLUE®, reminding students how important and valuable their opinions are, and how you have molded your course based on prior comments is the best way to engage them and prompt them to fill out the survey. It is possible that the first time response rates will drop. However, a significant effort has been put forth to increase students’ awareness, and to identify suitable incentives. Remember that even if the quality and the quantity of responses change, your course will be evaluated against overall campus performance, and not in absolute terms!

Can students complete the survey on their own time?

Students are invited to access the BLUE® portal and complete the evaluation of their courses at their earliest convenience. However you can provide class time for students to fill out the survey.

Will students be able to add comments to the survey?

The survey will give students significant space to type in comments.

Can instructors add their own questions to their surveys?

You can add up to 8 course-specific questions. You can decide to use questions that are listed in the available question bank, or you can write your own questions. That new textbook you adopted and you were not sure about? Now it’s time to ask your students’ opinion, and only you can do it! For more information, please refer to the QP information.

What if an instructor does not add specific questions?

Students will receive their invitations at the designated time regardless of whether you add questions. However you may want to access BLUE® and click “submit” even if you do not wish to add any questions, if you want to avoid receiving reminders. 

Will TAs be evaluated?

BLUE® is fed with info from Banner®. If the TA name is input in Banner®, he/she will be evaluated with BLUE®.

Is it anonymous?

All information students provide will be kept strictly confidential. Anonymised evaluations will be made available to you after grades are released.

When will instructors get their reports?

Instructors will get their reports no later than two weeks into the beginning date of the upcoming semester.

Instructor Resources

Increase Student Response Rate

Instructors are responsible for encouraging students to complete course evaluations BEFORE finals are presented. Here are a few tips that may improve response rates:

  • Set aside time to show students the Student Online Course Evaluation Video
  • Provide a paragraph in your course syllabi with the eXplorance Blue link (https://uaf.bluera.com/uaf/). Also information on how the student course evaluations are used and the importance of completion.
  • Book a computer lab on the final course instruction day to allow student to complete their evaluation online.
    • Also accessible on tablet, smart cellular phone, laptop and desktop.
  • Provide the class extra credit for 100% (or percentage you desire) response rate before evaluations close. * Response rate can be observed in Subject View Management screen under each course link.*
  • Encourage students to update their preferred email address in their UAOnline account. This will help ensure students are receiving notifications sent out by Blue.

Subject View Management Screen (home screen)

Accessing Subject View Management(SVM) (Click link for document)

Information About SVM- accessible about 4 weeks before regular semester final day of instruction. Closes near the beginning of finals week.

  • Includes instructor evaluation task information
  • Includes personalized questions link, start and end date
  • Includes student course evaluation start and end date
  • Includes live response rate of student form fill out completion


Question Personalization

Accessing Question Personalization (QP) (Click link for document)

Information About QP- accessible at least 4 weeks before regular semester final day of instruction and closes before student form fill out opens.

  • Allows an instructor to add their additional 8 questions
  • If you do not wish to add any questions you may hit submit even with a blank form. Hitting submit will terminate the reminder emails.
  • If you have stacked courses:
    1. Double check to see that all courses are cross-listed in Banner/Catalog with the same code.
    2. All stacked courses will need to have the same questions and in the same order submitted for each course QP entry.
    3. We recommend typing your 8 questions into a WORD or Google doc to then copying and pasting into each course that is stacked.
  • If you are co-teaching a course then one instructor will need to be the designated person to submit QPs for the entire course. Each instructor will still receive their own evaluation, but the personalized questions are to evaluate the course.
    • Steps for co-instructor QP's
      1. Suggested: Each instructor creates 4 personalized questions.
      2. Agree which instructor will submit the questions on eXplorance Blue.
      3. That instructor will submit all 8 questions on Blue.
      4. At the end of the semester both instructors encourage students to complete both instructor course evaluations for the same course. 
      5. After grades are posted each instructor will have their own copy of the evaluation reports that is specific to each instructors' performance. The personalized questions will be for the course for the entire semester. 


  • To add questions from previous student course evaluations copy from the previous report (PDF) and paste into the new QP form. We recommend saving your typed questions in a WORD or Google Doc to copy from and paste into future evaluations QPs. Unfortunately, there is no tool with this program to auto-fill personalized questions from previous student course evaluations.

Form Fill Out

Student Course Evaluation (sample, Form Fill Out (FFO)

Information About FFO- accessible 2 weeks before regular semester finals and closes before finals begin.

  • Includes an added instructor personalized questions
  • Includes the standard course evaluation
  • Includes instructions for students. Once the student completes and submits the course evaluation the link for that course will be closed. Also the instructor will see an update in the live response rate under the Subject View Management
  • All student course evaluations will be closed BEFORE finals are presented. See SVM screen and course link(s) to see designated Form Fill Out closing date for each course.


Teaching Assistant Evaluations

In order for a TA or Student Instructor to be evaluated the student's name will need to be entered into Banner course that is connected to the section they are teaching/assisting with:

  • If the linked lab section has the same CRN (course registration number) as the main course then the TA/Student Instructor's name will need to be entered into Banner as a co-instructor of the course.
  • If the linked lab section is taught by a TA/Student Instructor and has a separate  CRN (course registration number) from the main course section then the name will need to be entered into Banner as the instructor of that section. If the primary instructor of the course is entered as the instructor in Banner, for that section, then the TA/Student Instructor will NOT be evaluated.

Please contact your unit's administrative associate to have course information updated in Banner. You may also contact uaf-course-evals@alaska.edu with questions or concerns.

Instructor Evaluation Reports

Instructors will be provided two copies of their student course evaluation reports: Instructor Summary Report and Comprehensive Instructor Report. Instructors will get their reports no later than two weeks into the beginning date of the upcoming semester. If unable to see reports under the "current" view please review the "archived" page (located near the reports search bar).

Instructor Summary Report:

  • Will provide the data about the course (i.e. course end month, CRN, title, and etc.)
  • Below the title the course enrollment number (project audience), responses received and the response ratio.
  • Statistical Summary of Core Instructor Questions.
  • Statistical Summary of Core Questions for the course.
  • Statistical Summary of the Non-Core Course Questions
  • Instructors typically distribute this report to supervisors and committees.

Comprehensive Instructor Report:

  • Will provide the data about the course (i.e. course end month, CRN, title, and etc.)
  • Below the title the course enrollment number (project audience), responses received and the response ratio.
  • Core Instructor Questions breakdown
  • Core Course Questions and Comments breakdown
  • Core Instructor Questions comparison
  • Core Course Questions and Comments comparison
  • Additional Student Specific Questions
  • Open-Ended Questions
  • Item Bank Questions
  • Customizable Added Questions (QPs)
  • Instructors typically do not distribute to anyone unless there was positive feedback they would like to use for supervisor or committee support.

Training for Instructors

Coming soon!

  • How to read the instructor summary and comprehensive reports.
  • How to view the subject view management screen and links.
  • How to enter personalized questions.
  • How to download and save your reports each semester.

eXplorance Blue- Electronic Course Evaluation


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