2016 #NanookNation stories

May 2016


Extraordinary Journalism

UAF journalism student Julia Taylor helped cover court hearings that culminated in the release and exoneration of four men imprisoned for a 1997 murder.

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Extraordinary Energy

Andrew Akelkok, a high school student in Dillingham, studies energy at UAF's Bristol Bay Campus in hopes of finding better sources for rural villages.

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Extraordinary Chemistry

Graduate student Nicole Knight began studying analytical and environmental chemistry at UAF after a professor sought her out to help in a new lab.

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January 2016

Helping to dodge space debris

Mark Conde, a space physicist with UAF Geophysical Institute, wants to make maps of weather in the upper atmosphere above Antarctica.
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Exploring quiet space

Alyssa Enriquez leapt between worlds in 2012, from studying art photography in San Francisco to grinding rust from steel construction beams in Nome.
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2015 #NanookNation stories

December 2015


Extraordinary Geophysics

Matthew Balazs, geophysics student, and Anupma Prakash, professor of geophysics.

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A degree 40 years in the making

Liam Craske catches a floatplane every Tuesday morning to Ketchikan, where he rents a room with Internet access.
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October 2015


Extraordinary Engineering

UAF electrical engineering graduate student, Morgan Johnson, and associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, Denise Thorsen

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Young musician finds his voice in Fairbanks

My favorite thing about UAF is the opportunity. Personally, I've gotten to do so many things that have helped me grow as a person, a professional and a musician.
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Finding good stories and good community in Bethel

When Lakeidra Chavis told friends she would move to Bethel to work as a reporter for the public radio station this fall, she could feel their skepticism.
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Extraordinary Preparation

Homeland security and emergency management student, James Gilchrest, and UAF School of Management instructor and outreach coordinator, Sean McGee

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September 2015

After life shipwrecks Jeff Thompson, he finds new direction at CTC, UAF

Jeff Thompson didn’t tell people where he lived when he first started school at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After a series of setbacks in his life and his blue-collar career, Thompson had moved into a homeless shelter, the Fairbanks Rescue Mission.
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Bittersweet graduation comes to GeoFORCE's first class

A trip to the Rocky Mountains this summer offered a field of contrasts for rural Alaska teens in GeoFORCE Alaska, a four-year geology program offered by the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
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August 2015

Teaching caps a career

This summer, Sean McGee, who has taught homeland security and emergency management courses at the UAF School of Management for three years, shared the following thoughts about his life and career.
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When dinner is the show: Student artist found inspiration in her museum job

Angela Linn remembers the moment Kirsten Olson first saw the story knife collection at the University of Alaska Museum of the North.
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Designing a diverse career

Derek Starkenburg’s academic progression is a case study in how a person can set out on one path but take many forks.
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June 2015

Biology student branches out

Chris Clement is ready for anything — fighting the zombie apocalypse, restraining an eagle or offering a definition of cryptorchidism in dogs, which is when the testes don't drop.
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Traditional lifestyle inspires studies in petroleum engineering

Jesstin Patterson attends petroleum engineering classes in Fairbanks, hundreds of miles from his home villages, but those places remain foremost in his mind — and often on his taste buds.
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Knitting one-of-a-kind gloves warms the hands — and the heart

Michelle Strehl didn’t wait long for her first customer. While on winter break in 2013, the UAF student decided to knit gloves for people like herself whose hands have unique shapes.
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aurora magazine:

Then again: Susie Klingner '64

Interview with alumna Susie Klingner: "I always had a bit of a nomadic, wild streak in me."

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May 2015

Landing the big show

Before breaking his back in a four-wheeler accident in 2001, Brant Schalk was a skateboarder. “I would try a trick over and over until I landed it,” he says. “And printmaking demands the same level of patience and process, if not more. In a way, printmaking has filled the hole that was left when I could no longer skateboard.”
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An agent of change: Student ambassador revels in new experiences

I'm a military brat and immensely proud of it. I revel in experiencing new things — unless we're talking food; then I'm a bit particular. Tread carefully if you want to talk about Disney, Broadway, theater, movie scores or traveling, because I can go on and on about each of them. At first, I may come off as reserved, but once we're friends, I become more like myself.
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April 2015


Extraordinary Leadership

"Speaking directly to a student like Tiana about her experience, I learned that donors like you and me truly make a difference in students’ lives."

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Poster child for science communication

Kristin Timm’s effort to create a background image for a scientific workshop evolved into an award-winning poster about links between glaciers and the ocean this year.
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Spring break beach trip, Alaska style

A few dozen students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks put a twist on the traditional spring break trip to the beach each year.
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Fairbanksan Vera Alexander honored with new award

A professor and dean emeritus of the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has had an award named after her — merely a drop in her ocean of accomplishments.

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March 2015


KUAC poster artist Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss discusses her painting "Caribou Night."

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Profile: Lonny Strunk

Lonny Strunk grew up speaking Yup'ik, but living in Japan showed him how his Alaska Native language connects him to his culture and identity.
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aurora magazine:

Then again: Ed Ruckstuhl, '63

"My first challenge was learning how to walk wearing leather shoes. The solution: Throw the leather shoes away."

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February 2015

Music, geology and mushing: Persistent undergrad Kailyn Davis plays in many fields

Kailyn Davis couldn’t figure out how to rappel past a knot in her climbing rope. So she hung on the wall at the Student Recreation Center and studied the problem.
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Profile: Carolyn Lang

Carolyn Lang’s life is consumed by one goal: finishing the Yukon Quest. For now, she’s a dog handler, which means scooping poop, putting on booties, cutting meat and performing minor vet care. She’s also a full-time student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
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Profile: Matthew Sturm

Matthew Sturm can’t choose one thing he likes best about snow, because it would be like choosing which of his children he likes best.
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January 2015

In their own words: JR Ancheta

"At UAF, I was given room to discover what I have to contribute to the world ... Thanks in part to the mentorship I received at UAF, I discovered what propels and inspires me the most."
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In their own words: Sierra Corsetti

"The smell of the summer air in Alaska has an energizing effect ... I know I made the right choice as a fourth-year student pursuing a bachelor’s of science in biological sciences."
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Extraordinary Education

UAF graduate, Bennett Wong, and UAF School of Education assistant professor, Ute Kaden

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2014 #NanookNation stories

November 2014


Extraordinary Art

UAF graduate, Erin Gingrich, and assistant professor of native arts, Da-Ka-Xeen Mehner

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Extraordinary Change

UAF electrical engineering major, John Venables, and Alaska Center for Energy and Power director, Gwen Holdmann

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Extraordinary Performance

UAF theatre and psychology double major, Nicole Cowans, and associate professor of theatre, Carrie Baker

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Extraordinary Science

UAF geology major and field research assistant, Patrick Terhune, and research assistant professor and geochronology lab manager, Jeff Benowitz

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