Digital labs

The UAF Journalism Department is equipped with two student-accessible computer labs, each providing students with access to state-of-the-art equipment and software suites. If you are a current journalism student enrolled in a course that utilizes these labs and have paid a semester-based lab fee to utilize them, you will be given 24/7 access to these facilities. Select ART and FLPA courses that are cross-listed with COJO are also granted access to this digital lab.

Direct Technical Assistance in UAF Journalism Lab Space

Direct Technical Assistance in UAF Journalism Lab Space

J. Jason Lazarus

J. Jason Lazarus, our photography instructor and lab manager, is available throughout the week in Bunnell 114 for any technical needs you may have. Contact him via email at

Bunnell 128 digital lab
Bunnell 128 - Lael Morgan Multimedia Lab

This lab space holds our advanced digital editing lab for our digital photography, video editing, documentary studies and graphic design courses. UAF COJO's 128 lab represents one of the most modern lab spaces available in the College of Liberal Arts, with 17 state-of-the-art iMacs, two Epson 3880 printers, one Epson 7900 printer, two medium format Nikon film scanners and an Epson v750 Pro flatbed scanner.  Additionally, this lab space offers laserjet printing, calibrated print viewing, a 46'' HDTV for instruction and video playback and Wacom Tablets for checkout. This lab also offers access to the entire suite of Adobe Creative Cloud software, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, and a variety of other editing suites. Only students whose courses are taught in this lab will be granted access to it.

Bunnell 126 writing and multimedia lab
Bunnell 126 Writing & Multimedia Lab

This lab space serves the majority of Journalism's writing-intensive courses and provides students with access to the entire Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe CS6 Suite, two Epson v600 scanners, and earlier versions of AVID and Final Cut editing software.  Any student who pays the COJO Lab fee is granted 24/7 access to this lab.