Scholarship opportunities within the department

The department awarded more than $30,000 in 2014-15 scholarships. This coming year the opportunities for current majors and promising recruits are even higher:

  • William O. Wood memorial, up to $3,500, $7K total
  • Marc. C. Langan housing grant $2,500, $29.5K total (One-time 2015-2016 Funding)
  • Marian and W.F. Thompson, $1k-$2K, $4K total
  • Helen Van Campen, up to $3000
  • Bon V. and Bernice Davis prize, $1,000
  • Stephen McCarthy photojournalism intern, $1,300
  • Bill Walley Memorial $750
  • Forbes L. Baker Journalism Scholarship, $500
  • Jimmy B. Bedford Memorial Scholarship, $750
  • Genezaret Barron Memorial, $500

Journalism classroomSnedden Chair Richard Murphy leads a discussion with Carolyn Cole, LA Times Photojournalist, during a recent Skype interview.

Scholarship opportunities outside the department:

Please contact our department about details on any of these scholarship opportunities and we will be happy to provide you with additional details.