The Herbarium Library consists of volumes, periodicals, and serials in hard copy and fiche editions as well as an extensive reprint collection.


Some books in the Herbarium are on permanent loan from Rasmuson Library. We have requested from the main library those volumes which are designed to be used best with specimens at hand, that is better in a herbarium than in a library. We gratefully acknowledge the long standing support of the Rasmuson Library for this arrangement. There are several important and specialized, multi-volume references. Some books have been purchased over the years by the Herbarium or were presented to the Herbarium as gifts. The remainder of the books are the personal library of the Curator(s) and staff. These consist, for the most part, of technical volumes on plant systematics and floras, including a significant collection in the Russian language.

Periodicals and Serials:

The Herbarium receives the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Novon, National Geographic, Science, Systematic Biology and Taxon.


Several classics of botanical literature, which are well beyond our means in hard copy, have been purchased in fiche editions. Fiche readers are available at the Rasmuson library upon request.


A collection of reprints gathered over 40 years is of immense importance as a supplement to the library, and they are in constant use. The collections of the Curator(s) have been augmented by a generous contribution by Leslie A. Viereck, the dean of Alaskan plant ecologists (and Museum Affiliate). These reprints are curated as two sets: taxonomic and floristic/ecologic. The taxonomic reprints are housed separately and filed by genus. The floristic/ecologic reprints are grouped regionally. The reprints are being entered into the bibliographic database.

None of the library's resources can be removed from the Herbarium.