Community Outreach

Butterflies and moths in clear envelopes; part of a student project.Interior Alaska Science Fair

Every year, the education department chooses projects at the Interior Alaska Science Fair that demonstrate Alaska-related exhibit themes.

Student collections of specimens and/or observations of natural and cultural history phenomena are important. We judge the exhibit on the clarity of the hypothesis, research methodology, conclusions, and how the exhibit theme is interpreted. Only six awards are given each year. Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Museum Education awards!

Photo by Steffi Ickert-Bond.

2020 Museum Education Award Winners:

The Efficient Extractor and Lipid Lyser
– Pauline & Elizabeth, 6th  grade, BEST Homeschool

My Alaska Mushroom Collection – Danielle, 5th grade, Hunter Elementary

Do Squirrels Eat Moose Nuggets? – Lakota and Autumn, 1st grade and Kindergarten, Salcha Elementary

It’s Cold, It’s Dark, Is Anything Out There? – Isabel, 6th grade, Tri-Valley School

Archaeopteryx to Albatross: Rise of the Birds – Sam, 6th grade, Two Rivers School

A Comparison of Owl Skulls in Alaska - Solveig, 5th grade, Woodriver Elementary


Science Potpourri

A woman and two children look at images on a table through 3-D glasses.Science Potpourri is a UAF tradition! For more than 20 years, the free community event has entertained and inspired the Fairbanks community with science shows, make-and-take-home activities, demos and lots of fun for all ages.

From 2012-2015, our Education department held Nanotechnology activities in collaboration with Research Assistant Professors Shiva and Nilima Hullavarad (INE). In 2016, we celebrated National DNA Day in collaboration with UAMN Genomic Resources and the Institute of Arctic Biology.

UAMN Education & Public Programs is part of the NISE Network.

Two children stand in front of a cardboard cutout of a grizzly bear.Community Fairs

Look for us at local community events: the Fairbanks Families Partnership Health Fair in September, Mush for Kids in April, and others!




Child looking at a grizzly bear skull replica through a magnifying glass.UAMN Science Night

Enhance your school‘s family science night or other special event with hands-on museum objects and activities. We can provide a museum educator and activities for a complete event or complement your existing plans with an educator and single activity. Visit our UAMN Science Night page for more information.