Earth Science

These individual objects are also available:
  • Dinosaur floor puzzle
  • Polar Dinosaurs 2008 Lecture DVD
  • Tracking Alaska’s Jurassic Dinosaurs DVD

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Alaska Resource kit contents on black background.Alaska Resource Kit

This kit explores natural resources in Alaska. Students can explore different resources available in Alaska, including various minerals, oil, and renewable energy, and discover how we use them in our everyday life.

What’s in the Kit?

Alaska Rocks and Minerals Collection specimens
Mineral Test Kit (magnet, copper coin, nail, magnifier lens,
glass plate, black & white porcelain tiles, dropper bottle)
Wood Cross Section object
Rocks and Minerals Study Guide
Alaska Resources map
Elbow Deep in Mud Pies and Minerals suggested activities
Guidelines For Dealing With Differing Viewpoints pamphlet
Alaska Minerals & Energy pamphlet
Alaska’s Place in the International Minerals Industry article
Posters with suggested activities (6)
Let’s Go Rock Collecting book
The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth book
Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska book
Alaska Park Science: Volcanoes of Katmai and the Alaska Peninsula book
Oil and Natural Gas book
Ground Rules: Mining Right for a Sustainable Future DVD
The NEED Project CD-ROM
Get Energized: An Interactive Program About Energy CD-ROM
Alaska Resource Education videos DVD

Lesson plans and additional resources available from Alaska Resource Education.

Recommended grade levels: 2-8
Key words: Earth Science; Geology; Natural Resources; Rock and Mineral Identification

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Earthquakes Kit contents on black background.Earthquakes Kit

Discover the science of seismology! Explore plate tectonics, seismic waves, earthquake locations and magnitude, core samples, and how buildings can be adapted to withstand earthquakes with hands-on activities.

What’s in the Kit?

Fault Model activity
     Fault Model blocks (2) object
Human Wave activity
Slinky Wave activity
     Set of 4 Slinkys objects
Earthquake Machine objects and activity
Earthquake Wave Analogies activity
Traveling Waves activity
Pasta Quake activity
Cupcake Geology activity
BOSS Model object and activity
Base Isolation for Earthquake Resistance activity
Build a Better Wall materials and activity
The 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake book

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Earthquakes; Engineering; Geology; Seismology

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Fossils & Dinos kit contents on black background.Fossils & Dinos Kit

Look at different types of fossils, learn how they are formed and make imitation fossils of your own! Touch a real Alaskan hadrosaur bone, explore the work of museum paleontologists, and use the timeline cord to grasp the scale of geologic time.

What’s in the Kit?

Timeline cord activity
Sedimentator activity (with teacher’s guide)
Fossilization collection object & activity
Fossil rubbing plates activity
Fossil stamps and “fossil dough” recipe activity
Plastic dinos and plants to use as stamps activity
Fossil, ammonite object
Fossil, bivalve (clam-like) object
Plaster jacketed dinosaur bone object
5 fossilized hadrosaur bones object
Dino track mold and cast object
Edmontosaurus fact sheet and coloring sheet activity
The Dinosaurs of Darkness book
Prehistoric Alaska book

Recommended grade levels: preK-12
Key words: Fossil; Dinosaur; Geologic Time

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Ice Drifters kit contents on black background.Ice Drifters Kit

Discover hands-on STEAM activities to bring sea ice science into your classroom! This project-based kit focuses on UAF research with ice drifters and data collected about changes in Arctic sea ice. Students will learn about the engineering design process, sea ice, and climate. Activities can be stand-alone or part of a longer unit.

What’s in the Kit?

Engineering On Ice activity binder and USB
Ice Drifter Prototype object
Shorefast Ice poster
Engineering Design Process poster
Desk Lamp (1) activity material
100W bulbs (2) activity material
Digital thermometers (4) activity material
Infrared thermometers (2) activity material
Plastic tubs (2) activity material
Wood blocks (4) activity material
Safety glasses (2) activity material
Droppers (8) activity material
Clear cups (8) activity material
White plastic sheet (1) activity material
Plastic tubing (6 short, 2 long) activity material
Fabric pieces of different colors (10) activity material
Metal cans (2 silver, 2 black) activity material

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Arctic Science; Climate; Engineering Design Process; Ice Drifter; Sea Ice

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Magnet Kit contents on a black background.Magnet Kit

Explore the properties of magnetism through demonstrations and experiments! Investigate how magnets work, the principles behind magnetism and electricity, and Earth's magnetic field.

What’s in the Kit?

Magnetic Experiments 1- 9 Suggested activities
Materials included:
Experiment 1: 10 metal bars, 1 magnetic wand
          Experiment 2: various metallic objects, 1 magnetic wand
          Experiment 3: 1 magnetized plastic plate, 14 paper clips
          Experiment 4: 1 plastic face disk with iron fillings, 1 magnetic wand
          Experiment 5: 3 magnetic marbles
          Experiment 6: 1 domino magnet, 12 paper clips, piece of aluminum foil, paper, plastic, Styrofoam, cloth,
                                 cardboard, wood
          Experiment 7: 1 thin sheet of wood, 1 horseshoe magnet, 3 paper clips
          Experiment 8: 1 magna doodle
          Experiment 9: 28 magnet wands

Demonstrations 1-3 (magnetism review, magnetic field, world’s simplest motor) Suggested activities
Materials included:
          Demonstration 1: 1 horseshoe magnet, 2 bar and doughnut magnet sets with 4 magnets, 18 doughnut
                                       magnets, 2 bar magnets
          Demonstration 2: 1 flat iron filling bath, 1 horseshoe magnet, 1 3D magnetic box and bar
          Demonstration 3: 1 D battery, 1 plastic battery holder with 2 metal tabs, 1 magnet, 1 copper wire

Attract! Fast and Furious Fun with Magnets book
What Makes a Magnet? book
Electricity and Magnetism book

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Earth Science; Electricity; Magnets

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Rocks & Minerals kit contents on black background.Rocks & Minerals Kit

This kit is an introduction to the rock cycle and the science of geology. Using observations and tools, students will learn to describe and sort rocks and minerals. Specimens represent major mineral categories.

What’s in the Kit?

75 rocks and minerals specimens
Magnet, penny, magnifier, streak plate objects
Rock and Mineral Study Guide
Information Sheets

   Investigating the Rock Cycle
   Identifying Metamorphic Rocks
   Identifying Igneous Rocks
   Identifying Sedimentary Rocks
Rock Observation activity sheet
Draw Your Rock activity sheet
Describe & Sort suggested activity
Elbow Deep in Mudpies and Minerals suggested activities
Rocks and Minerals and How We Use Them poster
Inside the Earth book

Recommended grade levels: 2-8
Key words: Earth Science; Geology; Rock Cycle; Rock and Mineral Identification

Lesson plans and additional resources available from Alaska Resource Education.