Fairbanks History Play & Costume Kit

Learn about Fairbanks history through theatre!

Let students become Felix Pedro, Isabelle Barnette, Judge Wickersham or Chief Charley in a play that relates important events that made the early history of our town.

There are twenty-seven historical characters, with a script and costume for each. Additional non-speaking roles also available.


What’s in the Kit?

27 character bags, each with a printed script, name tag, and costume
Extra scripts for the narrators
Gallery sheet for a museum visit

Recommended grade levels: 3-5
Key words: Fairbanks History; Theatre; Drama

Note: The loan period for this kit is one week. Contact us if you would like a copy of the script in advance.


"We had an absolute blast with the play! ...We created a small set and some props to go with it and invited parents, who really enjoyed the kids' performances. Thanks for the great resource." (Chamaree Cook, FNSBSD Teacher)

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