Southeast Gallery

The immensity and beauty of Alaska would not have been possible without geological developments that began nearly 200 million years ago. The series of plate tectonic maps in this gallery show the reconstruction of Alaska's geologic history.


The potlatch exhibit represents a social and ceremonial event of unparalleled importance to the Southeast people. The clothing on exhibit is decorated with trade beads or buttons sewn into clan designs, such as ravens, bears, orca whales, or other animals.


The Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian people harvest salmon as well as marine and land animals such as seals, whales, halibut, black bears, ducks, and geese. Today, commercial salmon fishing is one of the state's major industries. The king salmon models on exhibit show the typical life cycle, from fertilized egg to spawning adult, for all salmon species found in Alaska.

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