Bowhead Whale

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 This spring, the museum is articulating and suspending a 43' Bowhead Whale skeleton from the lobby ceiling. The specimen, harvested in Utqiaġvik in 1963, has been in the museum's Mammal collection since 1965, with only the skull on exhibit since 1980.
As we complete the specimen (February -- May), check out our Bowhead Articulation playlist on YouTube. Each week, we add videos of the latest work.
The bowhead whale is an iconic Arctic species inextricably tied to Native cultures in western and northern Alaska and a rare success story in marine mammal conservation. This skeleton is from a young male harvested by Alaska Native hunters in 1963 near Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow), the northernmost point in the United States.
The exhibition of this Bowhead Whale skeleton was made possible by the Bill Stroecker Foundation.