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Artwork by Gail Priday

Gail Priday is fascinated by the details of the Northern landscape. Her paintings and woodcuts highlight the treasures found in the forest, suggesting an active world that exists quietly underfoot. Her work explores both the bloom and decay of the forest floor, examining fungus, berries, and even the shadows on a snowbank. It provides a space to explore environment elements while also ruminating on the wonder, beauty, and variety of our surroundings.

"I am inspired by the things I see every day," she said. "I am fascinated by the ever changing natural world. I equate walking through the woods to treasure hunting. I frequently carry pockets full of fallen leaves, lichen covered branches, and decaying logs back to my studio."

Priday picked the works featured in this exhibit because they illustrate a wide range of subject matter available in a small area, the woods around her home on Chena Ridge. Included are pieces that represent each season, as she finds that the changes spurred by those natural shifts a remarkable feature of living in the Interior. The show includes both woodcuts and paintings. 

"Painting allows for the use of so many colors and the inclusion of endless details, while the woodcuts force me to use only the essentials," she said. "As a result, they complement each other. The large paintings can be viewed from a distance, while the woodcuts draw you in."

Read more about the artist's inspiration and ideas behind the exhbiit on our blog.

ABOVE: From the painting "First Snow" by Gail Priday

This presentation is part of a rotating schedule of exhibits featuring UAF adjunct artists.




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