Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity

Required language

As a state entity, there are legal requirements the university must follow. This section outlines the required language and appropriate usage.

Micro combination affirmative action/equal opportunity and nondiscrimination notice

Federal law requires the following statement to appear on all UAF print, multimedia and web publications designed for external, off-campus distribution:

Language for syllabi

The University of Alaska Board of Regents have clearly stated in BOR policy that discrimination, harassment and violence will not be tolerated on any campus of the University of Alaska. If you believe you are experiencing discrimination or any form of harassment, including sexual harassment/misconduct/assault, you are encouraged to report that behavior. If you disclose sexual harassment or sexual violence to faculty members or university employees, they must notify the UAF Title IX coordinator about the basic facts of the incident. Your choices for disclosure include:

      1. You may confidentially disclose and access confidential counseling by contacting the UAF Health and Counseling Center at 474-7043.
      2. You can get support and file a Title IX report by contacting the UAF Title IX coordinator at 474-7599.
      3. You may file a criminal complaint by contacting the UAF Police Department at 474-7721.

From Disability Services: UAF is obligated to provide accommodation only to the known limitations of an otherwise qualified student who has a disability. Please identify yourself to UAF Disability Services by applying for accommodations. To be considered for UAF Disability Services accommodations, individuals must be enrolled for at least one credit as a UAF student. For more information contact Disability Services at, 474-5655 or by TTY at 474-1827.


PDF: EEO branding and syllabi language

PDF: UAF disclosure options for victims of sexual violence


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