Cost Sharing/Matching

UAF follows the Statewide Policy on Cost Sharing/Matching, found in Section D-01 of the Accounting and Administrative Manual.

  • This policy applies to all sponsors to which UAF applies, whether federal or non-federal.
  • Federal sponsors can not use cost sharing as a review criterion for an application when cost sharing is not mandatory.
  • UAF will authorize cost sharing commitments only when required by the sponsoring agency and only to the extent necessary to meet the sponsor's requirements.
  • All cost sharing commitments must be included in the proposal budget and must be approved by the dean or director of the UAF unit or department responsible for these funds, or by the appropriate official of a third party.
  • After unit approval, all cost sharing commitments must be approved by OGCA before they will be binding.
  • All committed cost sharing must conform to UAF and federal guidelines regarding allowability, allocability, and reasonableness (cost accounting standards) and must be verifiable through documentation and UAF's financial accounting system.


Compliance with federal cost accounting standards requires that M/CS expenses be treated in a consistent and uniform manner in proposal preparation, in award negotiation, and in the accounting of these expenses in financial reports to sponsors. Sponsors also require that any M/CS included in an award budget is a condition of the award and subject to audit.

All UAF sponsored programs involving M/CS commitments must be executed in accordance with university policies and procedures, applicable state and federal laws, regulations, policies and guidelines.

Applicable laws, regulations, policies and guidelines include, but are not limited to, 2 CFR ยง200.306, federal cost accounting standards, and UAF's DS-2 Disclosure Statement.

Cost Sharing Commitment Approval Process

 If the project sponsor requires cost sharing, documentation must accompany the proposal when it is submitted to OGCA. OGCA will evaluate the cost sharing documentation prior to proposal submission. Cost sharing documentation must include:
  • An Authorization for Matching Funds/Cost Sharing Form signed by each dean or director of the unit which is authorizing departmental resources to be used as cost sharing. 
  • The sponsor's instructions detailing the terms of the cost sharing requirement (commonly found in the funding opportunity announcement or in an e-mail from the program manager verifying the cost sharing requirement).
  • If there are third party cost sharing contributions, commitment letters from the third parties must be included that describe the resources and fair market value of their contributions. The letters must be signed by representatives of the organization with the authority to obligate the resources described. The third party's cost sharing commitment must be documented on the Authorization for Matching Funds/Cost Sharing Form.
  • If the UAF Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) is committing funds for the acquisition of new equipment, the signed written approval of the VCR is required on the Authorization for Matching Funds/Cost Sharing Form.

Leveraging/Leveraged Resources

Leveraging occurs when a sponsor requests the applicant to demonstrate additional resources, including co-funding, that are available to the applicant for the project. Some sponsors require enumeration of these resources (listing a dollar value), and some sponsors do not require enumeration. When possible, leveraged resources should not be enumerated. While leveraging is not technically cost sharing, enumeration requires that UAF track these funds.

  • Sponsor-required enumeration of leveraging will be treated the same as regular cost sharing in the pre-award and post-award stages. An Authorization for Matching Funds/Cost Sharing Form must be submitted with the proposal at the pre-award stage. At the post-award stage, a cost sharing fund will be established and expenditures will be tracked in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Non-enumerated leveraging (where resources or co-funding are listed without a dollar value) does not constitute a cost sharing commitment and does not require either an Authorization for Matching Funds/Cost Sharing Form or setup and tracking of a Fund 14 account.