Where We're From and Where We're Going!

Global Nanooks!

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a global community. Every semester, our students set off around around the world to enhance their academic programs by experiencing life in a foreign setting. Likewise, students, researchers, and faculty members come from around the world to contribute to learning, teaching, research, and community service activities that are central to the university's mission. In the process, they greatly enrich our campus and the experience of all of our students.  UAF is also home to an immigrant population - those who have gained U.S. permanent resident status as well as others in non-UAF sponsored immigration statuses.  They are not represented in the populations listed below.  To experience the nationalities represented at UAF over the years, please visit the flags displayed at the south entrance of the Wood Center.

International Exchange Students attending UAF

International Degree-Seeking Students at UAF

UAF Students Studying Away

International Faculty and Researchers at UAF

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