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Matters of faith and practice of that faith can be very important to many people. The following is a list of religious and spiritual resources in the UAF and greater Fairbanks community.  UAF recognized student organizations are identified as such.

Fairbanks Faith Directory:

Website listing is updated semi-annually for the places of worship in the Fairbanks North Star Borough 

Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce: Relocating & Visiting: websiteEbook



Active UAF Student Organizations: Religious and Spiritual:

Wood Center

Baha'i Club

Student Organization preferred name: UAF Baha'i Club

Student Organization Email:,
Baha'i Club Student Organization website.


Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM)

Student Organization preferred name: Baptist Campus Ministry

Student Organization Description:
Provide opportunities for worship, spiritual growth, and service to the UAF community. We exist to help students ignite a lifelong passion for pursuing God, being transformed by His presence in worship. We desire to declare His greatness to everyone while serving others in Jesus’ name.
Student Organization Email:,


Campus Bible Ministries

Student Organization Description:
Obeying Christ's 'Great Commission' in Matthew 28:18-20, our passion and purpose is to lead people to the LORD Jesus Christ, help develop them into Christ's image, equip them for ministry in the local church, so that they may bring glory to the GOD of Heaven both now and forever. Open to all for praise to the LORD Jesus Christ and the in-depth study of God’s Holy Word, the Bible.
Student Organization Email:
Campus Bible Student Organization website
Student Organization Meeting Time: Every Saturday @ 12:00-1:30 p.m.
Student Organization Meeting Location: Gruening 309


Catholic Student Association

Student Organization preferred name: CSA

Student Organization Description:
It shall be the mission of the CSA to serve and support the Catholic community at University of Alaska Fairbanks. We seek to provide opportunities for students to actively question and engage their faith.
Student Organization Email:,


Creation Club for Christ

Student Organization Description:
Through the study of creation passages in God’s Word the Bible and related resources, we endeavor to become better Christians in our service to God and to mankind through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Student Organization Email:
Creationg Club Student Organization website

Student Organization Meeting Time: Saturdays noon -2pm

Student Organization Meeting Location:  Gruening 309


Hillel-Jewish Student Organization

Student Organization preferred name: Hillel

Student Organization Description:
A group of students dedicated to spreading knowledge of the Jewish religion throughout the University populace, and work to benefit charitable organizations.
Student Organization Email:
Hillel Student Organization website
Student Organization Meeting Time: Thursdays and Fridays 7:30 pm (Shabbat Services)
Student Organization Meeting Location: Thursdays – OIT Nook BUNN 319 and Fridays (Congregation Or HaTzafon)


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Student Organization Description:
InterVarsity's vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campus renewed, and world changers developed.
Student Organization Email:
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Student Organization website.


Latter Day Saint Student Association

Student Organization Description:
LDSSA supports and encourages LDS students to attend Institute of Religion classes at the Institute building located next to the post office at 770 Geist Road. Our goal is to inform and answer questions pertaining to the LDS faith and Christ to both members and non-members. All are welcome to attend Sunday service at 11:00am at the Institute building on Geist.
Student Organization Email:
LDSSA Student Organization website.
Student Organization Meeting Time: Sunday 11 am - 2 pm and Wednesday 7 to 9 pm
Student Organization Meeting Location: 770 Gradelle Ave


Muslim Student Association (not listed)

Student Organization preferred name: Muslim Students Association

Student Organization Description:
MSA is a religious, social and cultural forum. MSA seeks to help new students adapt with UAF' academic and social environment. MSA seeks to promote understanding of the often misunderstood religion of Islam and Muslim cultures. With teamwork and dedication, such goals are not all that hard to accomplish.
Student Organization Email:
MSA Student Organization website.


Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Student Organization Description:
To create fellowship and learn about the Orthodox Christian faith and to discuss all types of topics.
Student Organization Email:


United Campus Ministry (UCM)

Student Organization preferred name: United Campus Ministry

Student Organization Description:
United Campus Ministry's purpose is to encourage the campus community in their walk with God. We believe this growth will take place through worship, friendship, teaching and service to others.
Student Organization Email:
United Campus Ministry Student Organization website.
Student Organization Meeting Time: Tuesdays 7PM for Worship & 1-1:50PM Thursdays for Bible Study
Student Organization Meeting Location: Tuesdays in Duckering 354 & Thursdays in UCM Office – 306 Constitution Hall


Vita: Non-Denomination Campus Ministry

Student Organization preferred name: UAF Vita

Student Organization Description:
UAF Vita, affiliated with the Northern Lights church of Christ, strives to celebrate the abundant life the Christ came to give us! Our goal is to model Christ in all that we do. Join us Tuesdays off campus for interactive "Life Talks." We are studying The 4:8 Principle this Spring 2015 semester. Also, we are dedicating time to volunteering in the community this semester. Some of our plans include volunteering at the food bank, Northern Light church of Christ, and other opportunities that may arise. If you want to chip in or have ideas for volunteerism, shoot us an email! God bless.
Student Organization Email:
UAF Vita Student Organization website.
Student Organization Meeting Time: Tuesday 7pm
Student Organization Meeting Location: Bible study off campus (email for details).

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