Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness/Problem Drinking Prevention

This program is a multifaceted one that works toward helping students identify why they drink, how it affects themselves, their education, and their achievement of goals, and gives tools and alternatives to establish better habits and behaviors that will last their entire lives. The end goal is to reduce drinking and mitigate the end results of alcohol abuse.

Targeted audience- Residential students, freshman, and recent 21 year olds.

Broad-based campus-wide campaign with posters, meeting, training sessions, and intervention programs.

Goal of the program- To highlight and educate UAF students on problem drinking behaviors and offer immediate alternatives whenever possible. Students who binge drink, or are around those who do, are more likely to not attend classes after drinking, have low GPAs, lose financial aid or student employment eligibility and drop out of school. By working with students and staff, the goal is to enable students to realize the destructive nature of this problem, provide methods, tools and referral information to reduce or eliminate the behavior or trigger mechanisms that lead to binge or problem drinking, and reduce the negative academic and social impact to the individuals and the campus.

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