Zombie attacks are a lot like identity theft; Life is never the same.


     Know the Survival Rules:

1.  Double Check- Don't rely on luck as your primary security  

2.  No Attachments- Trust no one with your card, account or PIN

3.  Blend In–  Don’t be a target by posting identity information

4.  Travel Light–  Don’t put your social security card in your purse or wallet

5.  Be Ruthless–  Change passwords often

6.  Check the Backseat- Don’t leave backpacks/purses in cars

7.  Cardio- At the SRC put EVERYTHING in a locker and LOCK IT!

8.  Be Quiet– loose lips sink credit ratings

9.  No Drinking– Tends to impair good survival decisions

10. Beware of Bathrooms (or Libraries)Make sure you leave with what you came with

11. Break it Up–  Don't use same password for everything

12. Hygiene- Life is messy, so take care of yourself

13. Know Your Way Out–  Just in case you are a victim of a surprise attack Seatbelts– Wear them

14. Seatbelts– Wear them

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