Procurement Staff

John Hebard

John Hebard, Director of Procurement and Contract Services


Deborah Moore

Deborah A. Melson, Associate Director of Procurement and Research Services


Mike Grahek

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Mike Grahek, Senior Contracting Officer


Terry Rahlfs


Terry Rahlfs Senior Contracting Officer

474-6471 Email:

Maren Boyack

Maren Boyack, Restricted Fund Management Officer


Denise Caissie

Denise Caissie, ProCard Administrator


Michelle Littell

Michelle Littell, Contracts Manager


Becky Telling

Becky Telling, Procurement Administrator


Procurement Technicians

The Procurement Technician (PT) program was established by Procurement & Contract Services (P&CS) in 2012 to decentralize small procurement purchases to major departments and institutes.  P&CS wanted to provide end-users greater flexibility and autonomy by insourcing informal procurement functions historically provided by P&CS Procurement Officers.

The following PT's have completed an intensive 4-6 month procurement training and testing program and have demonstrated that they are capable and willing to carry out the responsibilities within their delegation of authority for procurement of goods and services up to $25,000 within their own departments.

Kara Axx

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Kara Axx, Procurement Technician, Facilities Services


Roberta Hamilton

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Roberta Hamilton, Procurement Technician, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences


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