MOU, MOA and Affiliation Agreements


The Office of the Provost, and the Assistant to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor will serve as the liaison and will work with the appropriate Dean's and/or Director's office to assist with routing and finalizing each agreement.

Agreements Routed Through OGCA:  More complex agreements which contemplate receiving funds and MOUs/MOAs that are not related to sponsored agreements, but academic activities should be routed to the Office of the Provost.  Sometimes these agreements will include funding for the program, but still need to be reviewed by the Office of the Provost.

Agreements Routed Through Procurement: Agreements obligating funds. Sometimes these agreements will include funding for the program, but still need to be reviewed by the Office of the Provost.

The following types of MOU/MOA/Affiliation Agreements are routed through the Office of the Provost:

  • All Academic Activities- All MOU's, MOA's, and/or Affiliation Agreements with any academic activity (including practicums) and created by academic units who report to the Provost will need to be processed through the Office of the Provost. Please see the Title IX: Student Placement Guidelines for required recording of student activity.
  • MAP/CES Outreach and Extension- MOU, MOA, and/or Affiliation Agreements concerning the activities of the Marine Advisory Program and the Cooperative Extension service.
  • Academic and Research- Requires both signatures from Provost, and the Vice Chancellor of Research

Resources & Templates

  1. MOU-MOA Website
  2. MOU-MOA Guiding Practice Flowchart
  3. MOU-MOA Policy


  1. MOU Template (12/6/18): To be used as the foundation for MOU agreements. Please keep in mind that the information included in the template is required for record-keeping in OnBase, and information can be added to meet the requirements of the external agency. MOUs are not legally binding, please use an Affiliation Agreement for student placements.
  2. Human Services Affiliation Agreement Template (11/19/18)
  3. Health- Medical Affiliation Agreement Template (11/19/18)
  4. Non-Medical Affiliation Agreement Template (11/19/18)
  5. Articulation Agreement Template (2/8/19)
  6. Articulation Agreement Addendum Template (2/27/19)
  7. No template for MOAs, due to the variability in agreements and language.


Routing for Signatures- Approved Final Draft

*Certificate of Insurance from Risk Management is to be attached to final draft being routed for signatures.*

Ideally route the approved final agreement to:

  1. Department
  2. Unit Dean
  3. External Entity
  4. Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor -- (If using docusign please use these settings: Jessica Skipper,, "Needs to Sign" as Jessica's initials by the UAF Provost's signature line.  Then Anupma Prakash, "Needs to Sign" for Provost's signature with a CC of the final copy to Jessica Skipper.) 


5. Vice Chancellor (if applicable) -- Routing for VC Administrative Services signature send to Kerynn Fisher ( with "Needs to Sign" assignment.




Academic Units' Point of Contact



Please contact Jessica Skipper, 474-6634 or Jennifer Hoppough (Assistant to the Provost) at 474-7096,


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