RAHI Research

According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), most new medical knowledge and advances in the 21st century will hinge on discoveries made in the biological sciences. RAHI Research provides high school students with the confidence and skills for undergraduate research. This early exposure provides students with an academic advantage prior to their college matriculation. Additionally, this program aims to enable students to better understand modern science research and encourages them to study and graduate in the sciences.

The RAHI Research curriculum begins with detailed instruction in lab methods and practices such as lab safety, pipetting, serial dilutions and DNA extraction. Students then progress to more advanced techniques such as gel electrophoresis, polymerase chain reactions and cloning. The environment is fast-paced and detail-oriented.

Students then use their newly acquired knowledge and skills daily as they work alongside researchers in one of the many science labs at UAF. Students become part of the lab team and under the supervision of an experienced mentor complete a scientic project. They will present their findings in a paper, poster and presentation.

Students that choose RAHI Research will be in a small group that works exclusively on scientific research during their time at RAHI. They will take either karate or Alaska Native Dance with the other RAHI students and they will participate in all recreational activities. Please contact us if you have questions.

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