Avalanche Quiz

Your brain is more critical to your survival than an avalanche beacon – hence this quiz

  1. The avalanche you trigger can kill you regardless of whether you are wearing an avalanche beacon or not.

    True or False

  2. If you do survive an avalanche, your chances of survival fall to 50% after being buried for 30 minutes.

    True or False

  3. "Whumphing noises, shooting cracks, recent wind loading, and avalanches on similar slopes indicate limited avalanche danger.

    True or False

  4. Name the three sides of the avalanche triangle (the three natural factors that can lead to avalanches).

  5. Safe travel procedures include (check all that apply):

    • Everyone in your group should travel the dangerous slope at once
    • Traveling above your partner
    • Not traveling out of sight of each other
    • Not stopping in the middle or bottom of steep slopes
    • (Snowmachines) highmarking on leeward slopes

  6. In what range of slope angles to avalanches most commonly occur?

    _________ to ________ degrees

  7. The first step in an avalanche rescue is to look for clues such as a ski pole or glove – leave these in place or mark the spot. Then switch to an orderly beacon search utilizing everyone in your party.

    True or False

  8. List the three essential avalanche rescue tools:

  9. Alaska leads the nation in per capita avalanche deaths.

    True or False

Protect yourself with knowledge! Read Snowsense and/or other avalanche books, take an avalanche course, and recreate conservatively! We don’t want this trip to be your last!



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