Intramural Spring 2018

Intramural signups begin September 3 at

Registration ends September 15 at 11:59PM.

Games begin September 17th - sport dependent

Sports include:

  • Basketball - 5v5 Full Court
  • Volleyball - 6v6á
  • Soccer - Uses all three courts
  • Flag Football - Indoor (season 1)
  • Pickleball (season 2)
  • Hockey - Normal
  • Ultimate Frisbee

All sports are co-ed.

Don't Know How To Sign Up For Intramurals?

Here is How!

  1. Sign up for IM LEAGUES or LOGIN to IM Leagues.
  2. Click on the University of Alaska Fairbanks button top tool bar.
  3. Scroll down to view the sport you want to sign up a team for.
  4. Click on the BLUE FONT word of the sport you want to play in.
  5. After clicking on the sport you want to play in, click on the picture of the sport. This will then take you to the league.
  6. Click on the GREEN tab that says REGISTER/ SIGN UP.
  7. Choose to either CREATE TEAM, JOIN TEAM (If you're joining a friends team), or FREE AGENT.
  8. After submission, you can see the team home page.
  9. Make sure all information is filled out and payment is received.
  10. Once you have done this, please allow some time for your team to be approved, it will show that you are on the "waitlist".

If you have any further question please email Brent Culleton at or call at (907) 474-6269.


We have gone to a web-based Intramural system. To participate in the UAF intramural program all participants must register at

Please follow the links to register and check us out!

We are proud to support and brag about our champions. Pictures are posted to our wesbite, Facebook and throughout campus. Please make sure your team names are appropriate and will not be viewed as offensive.


UAF IMLeagues registration page link


What are "Intramurals"?

  • Intramural sports are organized programs that allows student, faculty, staff and community to participate in team and individual sport activities.
  • Intramurals provides the opportunity for physical activity, fellowship, promotes wellness, and the use of leisure time.
  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE: All students, faculty, staff and public current SRC privileges are eligible to play.
  • WHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE: Anyone without an imLeagues SRC pass membership (available at the desk).

How much does it cost?

Hockey: $32 per individual before imLeagues fees

Broomball: $13 per individual

Field/Court Sports: $13 per individual

*Fees must be paid online through before the given deadline or teams will be dropped

**If you are unable to pay online, fees are also accepted at the SRC with an added charge ($32 for ice sports; $13 for all others)


***Some fees have changed from past seasons due to season length.

INTRAMURAL RULES (To be updated)

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Questions about Intramurals?

Call the SRC: 474-6269

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