Meet our personal trainers

Ashley Bergeron

My name is Ashley Bergeron and I'm majoring in Forensic Chemistry. Before coming to Alaska I was a dancer in Vermont for 14 years and I also took interest in cross-country and track. My styles of dance ranged from jazz, tap, and ballet, to contemporary, hip-hop and break dancing. Each style required a different type of workout, therefore I am aware of how to work each muscle group. I also enjoy working out on my own time which is why I want to be a personal trainer, I believe that it is fun to work out with other people and help them reach their goals while I am working towards my own. I taught dance for two years before coming here and I have experience working with other people and I really enjoy it. I love a challenge, especially in my workouts because each challenge that I overcome gets me one step closer to my goal. I am happy and energetic and I am excited to help people. 

What to expect:

Initial Consultation:  Step 1 purchase a personal training session at the front desk of the SRC. Step 2 schedule your first session!  Make an appointment to sit down with the Wellness Coordinator for an assessment and to be assigned a personal trainer. call 474-6806 or email Chris at

Session Structure: After your consultation you'll meet with your trainer and get to work! Sessions last a maximum of 60 minutes. Everything is based on your fitness goals, time, duration, number of workouts per week!

One on One Training:  You meet with a personal trainer and workout under their supervision.

Written programs with orientation: Not a fan of always having to work your schedule around your trainer’s availability? Sign up for a written program and orientation. We will assess you, write a program to meet your individual needs and teach it to you over 2 to 3 sessions, then you do the program on your own time.

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